Hai Phong

SOS School Hai Phong Vietnam

Hai Phong is one of Vietnam's largest cities, 100km east of the capital city, Hanoi. It's an important commercial port in the North Central Coast Region. 

Although the economy is improving, inequality is high and poverty remains a problem. Since 1996, we have been supporting vulnerable children in Hai Phong.

Families migrate in search of a better life

Across Vietnam, rural to urban migration is increasing as people seek opportunities in cities. An estimated 18 million Vietnamese lived in cities in 2000, but this figure is expected to increase to 46 million by 2020. 

In Hai Phong, the urban infrastructure has struggled to keep up with this booming population. When migrants arrive, many have to build their own shelter, and the majority have no access to electricity, clean drinking water or sanitation facilities. 

Children drop out of school

Child sponsorship Hai Phong, Vietnam

When parents struggle to make a living, they may find it hard to meet their children's physical and emotional needs. In these circumstances, many children do not receive an education. It is estimated that about 5% of children in Hai Phong have never been to school and 20% drop out after primary school. These children may work to contribute to the family income, for example, selling small goods on the streets or begging.

How do we help vulnerable children in Hai Phong?

We help children who have been orphaned or abandoned by giving them a loving home in SOS Children's Village Hai Phong. Here, they are cared for by an SOS Mother and live with their SOS brothers and sisters.

There is an SOS Nursery where young children attend, along with children from the neighbourhood. Older children attend the SOS school for pupils at both primary and secondary level. At the school canteen, children can eat nutritious meals. Teachers here work hard to provide quality education, and offer special support when it's needed.For young people there is an SOS youth programme. Here young adults are supported while they complete further education or start vocational training courses. 

Through our Family Support Programme, we also provide services for families living in the local community. Through these projects, we help parents to provide the best care for their children.

Lone children in Hai Phong find a loving home in our Children's Village. Please support our work, and become a child sponsor today.



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