Two friends from CV Mussoorie, Tibet, Tibetan IndiaIn Mussoorie in northern India, we provide care for Tibetan children who have fled their home country. Located in Uttarakhand, Mussoorie is where the Central Tibetan Adminitration relocated after the Dalai Lama was forced to leave Tibet in 1959.

Since then, thousands of Tibetans have moved to Mussoorie to seek refuge. Children are often sent by their parents to the region so as to receive a Tibetan education. We provide many of these children with loving homes at our Children's Village. 

Beautiful landscapes attract tourists

As more Tibetans move into Mussoorie, the pressure on resources and infrastructure is growing. Estimated at around 5000 Tibetans now living in Mussoorie, it is home to two generations of Tibetans. The Tibetan community has established a traditional way of life, centrede around cultural and religious sites.

Coupled with the beautiful mountains, the Tibetan community has attracted tourists who wish to experience the unique region. Many Tibetans make a living from providing services and goods to the tourists. However, the tourists also contribute to the pressure on resources and the environment. 

Struggling families

Despite the income some generate from tourists, many others are unemployed and struggle to provide for their families. On top of dealing with financial stress, new arrivals often carry with them emotional pain from the traumatic experiences they endured in Tibet. This can make adapting to their new life difficult. 

Helping Tibetan children living in Mussoorie

Basketball fields at CV MussoorieIn 1962, we established the SOS Children's Village in Mussoorie. It is specifically for children from Tibet. This Village quickly became full due to the high number oof childn in need of a new loving home. We therefore built another Children's Village next door, called Mussoorie-Happy Valley. 

A loving family for those without

Children move into our Children's Village when they have lost parental care. Some will be orphaned, while others are seperated from their parents who have remained in Tibet. We believe each child grows best when they belong to a loving family. That's why, when a child is alone, we offer them a new life with an SOS family. Here they are cared for by an SOS mother and live along side other children - their SOS brothers and sisters. The SOS families for Tibetan children are often very large due to the great number of children in need of a home. 

We support each child through school, from nursery up to higher education. The nearby SOS Primary and Secondary School teaches in accordance with Tibetan beliefs. It's also a space for the children to integrate with others from the community. Upon reaching adolescence, we ensure young people gain vocational skills at our training centre - helping them to gain employment in the future. 

Sponsor a Tibetan child today, and ensure they receive a loving family home, education and healthcare. These children are living in exile, and need your support.  


With our charity you can sponsor a child in India in one of our 30 children’s villages.