SOS Social Centre Seoul South Korea

Seoul is the capital of South Korea. By far the largest city in the country, and the Seoul capital area is home to over half of the population. 

Although living standards are high across South Korea, wealth is not evenly distributed. This mean that those with little wealth endure poor conditons. It is estimated that 15% live below the nationally-established poverty line. 

Families affected by social problems 

The city of Seoul has around 10 million inhabitants, while the population when including the suburbs is 25 million. Despite some prosperity, the dense city faces many social problems. Unemployment and poverty levels are high, causing many families to struggle to afford the essentials.

Due to these social problems faced by families, there are an increasing number of social orphans in Seoul. These are children whose families cannot affod to look after them, and therefore effectively have no parental care. We began our work in Seoul to provide care for these children, while supporting fragile families to stay together. 

Our work in Seoul

When a child has been orphaned or abandoned, they can find a welcoming new home at our Children's Village in Seoul. Opened in 1980, SOS Children's Village Seoul consists of fifteen family homes, as well as buildings for community activities. In each home, an SOS mother cares for a group of children, who treat each other as siblings. Education is important for SOS Children, so we ensure every child goes to nearby schools. 

Children and staff at the SOS Day Care Centre based at the SOS Social Centre Seoul.

When a child reaches adolescence, they can move into the SOS Youth Village. Here they receive support to complete vocational training or higher education. As they get ready for independent adult life, we help them each step of the way.

SOS Social Centre

In 1982, we opened a Social Centre in Seoul, which serves the needs of the local population. Activities include further education courses and lectures for parents and young people.

There is also a day-care centre, which allows working parents to leave their children somewhere safe why they earn an income. Every child that attends receives a daily meal. Through our community work, run from the SOS Social Centre, the Children's village has become well integrated and accepted by the local people.

We're happy to report that our programmes in South Korea are fully funded by people living in the country. If you would like to help our work in Asia, have you considered sponsoring a child?


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