Sialkot - primary school children in class

Sialkot is a city at the foothills of the mountains near Kashmir and the Chenab river. It is in the capital of the Sialkot District and found in the north-east of the Punjab province.
20km from the city centre is SOS Children's Village Sialkot. Opened in 2005 it providesa loving home for children who have been orphaned or abandoned. 

Village home to earthquake orphans

SOS Children’s Village Sialkot is in scenic surroundings, on the banks of a canal with many beautiful old mango trees. The completion of the Village's construction came just in time, as after the devastating earthquake in October 2005, earthquake orphans desperately needed shelter and care. Many of these orphans found a home in the Village, along with other lone children. Together they are cared for by specially trained SOS mothers.

Football team - Sialkot, Pakistan

For the younger children, there is a primary school in the Village, while the others attend schools outside. Many children who enter this school had little or no previous education, so it can take time and effort to mainstream children into a structured academic system. It is therefore especially commendable to considering the high academic achievement. 

Winning football team

The children in the Village benefit from international sports brands in the local industry, who have provided football kits and coaching facilities for our under-14 team. So far we've achieved outstanding results competing against under-19 teams.

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