Two young boys and a girl sitting near white buildings - PakistanQuetta is the capital of Balochistan - the largest province in Pakistan. With mountainous backdrops, rocky desserts and rich vegetation and wildlife, Quetta is known as the ‘Fruit Garden of Pakistan’. An ethinically diverse region, it is close to the Afghanistan border. 

Despite the beautiful surroundings, the province is the most deprived in Pakistan. Many families live in poverty, including many Afghan refugees. SOS Children began working in Quetta in 2005. 

A new Children's Village

In 2005, we provided care for children in need in temporary accomodation in Quetta, while the Children's Village was being constructed. In 2008, the Children's Village opened and the first group of children moved in. Here they live with their SOS families, where they are cared for by an SOS mother and grow up with other boys and girls. 

Our Children's Village was built upon a five-acre site in Samungli, which was donated to us by the local authorities. We have now built the future SOS Youth Home, and continue to expand the buildings within the Children's Village. There are five family homes, and common facilities including a computer room, TV room, library and a playground. Construction is ongoing, pending funding. Once completed it will include 15 family homes, a mosque and a community centre.

SOS Children's Home - Quetta, PakistanGoing to school

Education is really important to every child's future. Children growing up in SOS families go to local primary and secondary schools, meaning that they make friends with local children and become integrated into the community. At the local schol they have access to a range of facilities, including an IT suite and a swimming pool. 

We also ensure every child at the SOS Children's Village receives good healthcare. Our medical dispensary opened in 2011, and provides free consultations and the services of a pharmacist to the surrounding community.

We support every child in our care until they have become independent adults. As one of our newest Children's Villages in Pakistan, our work in Quetta is in need of your help. Will you sponsor a child today? 


Did you know? An SOS mother will often work for SOS Children for many years, caring for several generations of children.