Mother and child displaced by floods in Pakistan supported by SOS emergency reliefMuzaffarabad is the capital of the scenic Azad Jammu and Kashmir state. In 2005, the region was hit by a 7.6-magnitude earthquake, with devastating consequences. 

A brand new SOS Children's Village was due to open the same week that the earthquake struck. However, the earthquake severely damaged the buildings, and we are now working to rebuild the Children's Village on a new site. 

A beautiful area devastated by natural disaster

Muzaffarabad is close to the Neelam and Jhelum Rivers, and surrounded by forested mountains. It is home to a 1646 Fort built to fend off the Mughal armies. The Red Fort still stands today, although it was damaged by the 2005 earthquake.

When the earthquake struck in 2005, approximately 80,000 people were killed. We responded immediately by providing emergency relief, search and rescue assistance, and care and shelter for vulnerable women and children.

Rebuilding the Village

Muzaffarabad Village buildings - Pakistan

In 2005, a new SOS Children's Village was due to open the week the earthquake struck. Being close to the quake’s epicentre, the Village was severely damaged by landslides.

Parts of the area were left unsuitable for construction, so we're unable to build the entire Village on the original site. We've rebuilt as much as we can, and are now working to complete the Village. Today, the site is currently an SOS youth home, where specially trained youth counsellors help young people take their first steps towards independence.

Much of the new Village will be built on a new site nearby. On this beautiful site we will also open an SOS primary school and a secondary school for girls. 

We soon hope to offer more children a loving family home in a completed SOS Children's Village in Muzaffarabad. Sponsor a child in Pakistan today, and ensure the most vulnerable children have all they need to thrive.


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