Children studying IT in SOS School in PakistanThe ancient city of Multan is on the banks of the Chenab River in the Punjab province. A centre of Islamic architecture, Multan is the third largest city in the country.

In the summer of 2002 we opened our Children's Village in Multan, providing new family homes for orphaned and abandoned children in the region.

Our work in Multan

The Government of Punjab donated land to SOS Children for us to build a Children's Village and the adjoining SOS School. Our work in Multan marked the first welfare project of its kind in the city, and has been well received by the local community. 

A new loving home

SOS Children's Village has an attractive architectural design, with traditional brick-work. In the special community are 15 family homes, where children grow up under the care of an SOS mother.  When children grow up and begin to transition into adulthood, they can move into a dedicated youth home for older children. Nearby are a range of facilities, including an auditorium, a mosque and shops.

Our Children's Village in Multan is a joyous place and in 2012 celebrated a children's festival in collaboration with the Rafi Peer Theatre and other schools in Multan. The event took place at the Village and included puppet shows, face-painting and magic shows.

Mosque in SOS Village Multan, PakistanEducation for all

Girls and boys growing up in SOS families receive an excellent primary and secondary education at the SOS Schools, which were built in 2007. Children from local families are encouraged to enrol at the school, which opens up their opportunities. Since it opened, the school has grown and now has space for 1300 pupils, who we are looking forward to welcoming. 

There is a girls secondary school and a boys secondary school, which both have a modern curriculum and resources. Lessons are often taught using computers and audio/ video equipment. There is also a technical training school, which equips children with work skills for their future.

Children in Multan with noone else, are provided with everything they need in our Children's Village. Growing up in an SOS family, they receive love and respect. These children need you support today. Will you sponsor a child in Pakistan?


SOS Children helps children in rural and urban areas. Many of our villages are located near to urban centres and community projects help rural children.