sponsor a child in PakistanKarachi is the largest city in Pakistan, as well as the main seaport and financial and trade centre of the country. With a population of about 18 million, Karachi is the capital of the province of Sindh.

Despite these signs of economic success, many children in Karachi need support, especially when their own parents are unable to take care of them. SOS Children's Village Karachi provides vulnerable children with a loving home.

Education is a high priority 

Opened in 1987, SOS Children's Village Karachi is situated in Malir and comprises 15 family homes and other essential facilities. This includes an SOS school and college, where there is an emphasis on each child fulfilling their academic potential. Exam results have been excellent, and the school has now upgraded to intermediate level, offering subjects leading to professional courses. 

The school and college are open to children from the neighbouring community, and have made a big impact on the existing educational standards. They are recognised as one of the best in the area. Children living in the Village are involved in many extra-curricular activities and are given assistance with their studies.

Care and training for young people 

An SOS Youth Home is under construction and will be ready shortly for adolescents to move after they feel ready to move out of their SOS family. The young people benefit from good facilities whist attending school and training in different organisations. They also have an active scouting programme in which the PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) Scouts take a keen interest. 

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There is also an SOS Technical Training Institute Korangi, which was constructed by the INFAQ Foundation. Here, young people can learn a variety of skills that will allow them to earn a living later in life. The centre was purpose-built and almost all the workshops are now operational. The recently added automobile workshop is especially popular. Courses are for both boys and girls and will go a long way towards ensuring job eligibility for the young people who benefit from the training programmes.

Free medical treatment for the community

There is an SOS Medical Centre for Women and Children within the Village, which offers free treatment to the community. A doctor is available on a daily basis and the number of patients examined and treated has now reached almost 5000 per year.

Will you sponsor a child today? Help vulnerable children in Pakistan to have a happy and healthy childhood. 


Did you know? In Africa, where often thousands of people share one doctor, SOS Children builds medical centres for the community to use.