Children outside family home, in Pakistan

Jamshoro is located on the bank of the Indus River, and a district steeped in history and natural beauty. The city is home to many universities, and is relatively affluent.

Despite this, there are many children who have become orphaned or abandoned in the region. We work to provide them with a new family home in our recently constructed Children's Village. 

A new home for children with noone else

A boy from Pakistan playing cricket

In April 2012, we opened our SOS Children's Village Jamshoro in Pakistan. The new community was built on fives acres of land donated by the University of Sindh. 

When a child can no longer live with their own family, they can move into our Children's Village in Jamshoro. Here there are 15 family homes, each able to shelter 10 children and a caring SOS mother. On site are also a computer lab, activity rooms for boys and girls, a library, a playground and a mosque. 

There are currently 31 children living in the Village (correct at March 2014) and they are well-settled into their new home. Being a new Children's Village, it is not yet at full capacity. Over time we hope to care for many more children in need of loving care. Children attend a local school, and make friends with children from the surrounding area. 

We were excited to open our Children's Village in Jamshoro in 2012. Children with no-one else are given hope for a new life here. Each is supported by child sponsors. Will you sponsor a child today?


Sponsoring a child with SOS Children gives a child the best possible care as they grow up.