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Sanothimi, Kathmandu

Nepal baby boySOS Children's Village Sanothimi was the very first Village we opened in Nepal and is located on the road leading from Kathmandu to the old temple city of Bhadgaon, approximately 10 km from the centre of the capital. It was built on former rice terraces and can be reached over a small bridge.

Kathmandu is the capital and largest metropolitan city of Nepal. The city is the urban core of the Kathmandu Valley in the Himalayas, which also contains two sister cities namely Patan or Lalitpur.

A tough place to be a child

Kathmandu is the economic powerhouse of Nepal and attracts people from all over the country who are looking for work. As a result, the city's population has been growing at a very rapid rate which has resulted in an explosion of slum dwellings across the city. The strain on infrastructure and services is considerable – clean water supply and sanitation are particular problems and Kathmandu's children often bear the brunt, growing up in appalling conditions.

What is SOS Children doing? 

Family life

SOS Children's Village Sanothimi has 16 family homes, each headed by an SOS mother. Here children with no-one else to care for them are able to grow up surrounded by love, support and laughter. 

Since the devastating earthquake in 2015, the Village has taken in several children who were orphaned. 

School and Social Centre

Usha does her homework in her new room at SOS Children's Village Sanothimi, Nepal. She lost her entire family in the earthquake that struck Nepal in April 2015. The children attend either the SOS School primary or secondary school along with children from the neighbourhood. The nearby SOS Social Centre offers a family-strengthening programme which provides children from poor local families with scholarships for school fees, text books and school uniforms. 

Preparing youngsters for independence

The SOS Children's Village also runs a ceramics workshop where some of the youngsters are trained in pottery. The older teenagers from the SOS Children's Village usually move to the SOS Youth Home in Kathmandu when they are ready. This is their first step towards independence while they are still at school, college or university, or doing vocational training.

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