Kavre, Kathmandu

SOS Nursery School Kavre NepalSOS Children's Village Kavre is located near the small towns of Panauti and Banepa, just east of the Nepalese capital Kathmandu. 

Many families in the region live under precarious economic conditions, and this has a profound impact on the lives and life chances for their children. Addressing poverty and its effects remains a key challenge for the region. However progress has been seriously hindered by the 2015 earthquake which devastated the area around Kavre.

Migrant labour

Official figures put the number of Nepalese migrant workers at almost 300,400, though unofficial estimates are more than double that. These individuals migrate to escape poverty and earn money, which they send home to help support their families. 

Though this is an important source of income for many poor families, it means that many children grow up without a father. This can be seriously detrimental to family stability and impacts on children's healthy development.

Trafficking and child labour

Widespread child labour and trafficking is another effect of poverty in the region, and effects thousands of children. Girls suffer particularly badly. Large numbers are trafficked to work in slave-like conditions within the sex industry of Nepal and in foreign countries. 

These children are robbed of a childhood and prevented from receiving the education that could allow them to escape poverty. Thousands are put at risk by unhealthy working conditions and extreme exploitation.

What is SOS Children doing?

SOS Children has been working in Kavre since 1997 after it recognised the need for more family-based care facilities. We continue to support families who are struggling and work to give children the future they are entitled to.

Family support

Child sponsorship Kavre

Our community programmes identify and work with families who are struggling. We offer support and guidance to help them stay together and give their children a healthy home environment. We particularly focus on supporting access to educational opportunities that give them chance to escape poverty as adults. 

We also teach income-generating skills to parents in the area. These will supplement other earnings and help them to provide more securely for their children. 

SOS families

For children who cannot stay with their parents, there are SOS families where they, and their siblings, are cared for by their SOS mother. They attend our SOS school with other local children, which helps them fit in and make friends.

When they are ready young people move into the SOS youth home. Here, they receive advice and training to teach them the skills and attitudes that will help them to succeed in life. 

Earthquake relief

After the earthquake in 2015, we provided immediate relief, in the form of food, first-aid, water and shelter, to families who had been affected. We also set up Child-Friendly Spaces which provided food and a safe, environment for children. Today, we are continuing to provide long-term support aimed at getting families back on their feet.

Children and families in Kavre are given hope for a better future with our support. Will you become a child sponsor today, and help this community to thrive? 


Sponsor a child in Africa: Children in Africa face disease, poverty and violence. Sponsoring a child in need gives a child a chance.