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Jorpati, Kathmandu

Child from Jorpati, NepalJorpati is located on the outskirts of the Nepalese capital, Kathmandu. This is the economic heart of the country and draws thousands of tourists every year. 

The city also attracts a growing number of rural poor, who come looking for jobs. Working long hours makes it hard for these parents to care for their children, and this challenge is even greater when caring for children with disabilities. 

Overloaded infrastructure

As the city grows its infrastructure has struggled to keep up. There has also been a rapid expansion of informal slum settlements, which are the only place that poor rural migrants can afford to live. 

The slums are overcrowded, housing is substandard, and there is no access to public services like water and roads. Inadequate waste management has had a particularly damaging impact on the environment, and the health of the people who in the slums. 

Struggling with disability

Poor parents struggle to provide for and care for their children at the same time. However, when one or more of their children has a mental or physical disability they face many additional challenges. 

There is little support for these parents and the result is that children with disabilities often receive inadequate care and fall behind their peers at school. This only serves to deepen their marginalisation and limit their potential. 

What is SOS Children doing?

SOS Children's Village Jorpati was set up over 30 years ago to help children with disabilities in the area. We work in collaboration with the Nepal Disabled and Blind association to give these children the support they need to succeed.

SOS families

Boy painting, Jorpati

When children with disabilities can no longer stay with their families they can find a place with one of the SOS families in the area. They are given a loving home where they can live with their siblings and get all the support they need.

The children attend our SOS School until they are able to go to local schools and our special school programme helps them to learn and grow at their own pace. The homes are equipped to meet the particular needs of these children. In addition, we provide specialised support to help them overcome learning difficulties and aid their cognitive development. 


Some of these children go on to live in our SOS Youth Home, which is situated in Kathmandu itself. Here, our trained staff members support them as they begin take on responsibility and learn to be independent adults. 

We also help them to develop valuable life and communication skills, and provide them with information, which will be helpful once they leave the home.

Help children in Jorpati who face difficulties early in life. Become a child sponsor today.



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