Temirtau, Karaganda

Child from Temirtau, KazakhstanSOS Children established a presence in Temirtau in 2004 to support families and children in need, particularly those affected by HIV/AIDS and drug abuse. We provide 12 loving homes for over 100 children who have lost parental care. 

Challenges include drug abuse and HIV/AIDS

Temirtau is an industrial city of close to 170,000 inhabitants located on the Nura River, about 180 kilometres from the Kazakh capital of Astana.  

In spite of significant modernisation, economic and social development in the past 10 years, the city faces some very serious challenges, including drug use and a rising incidence of HIV/AIDS. Unemployment rates are high and many families live in severe poverty, putting children at risk of losing parental care.

Drug use is a widespread issue in the city and unofficial reports suggest that as many as 15% of the population use, or have used, intravenous drugs. Drug-related deaths are not uncommon in Temirtau and many drug users have spent time in prison, face poverty and housing problems and have an increased risk of contracting tuberculosis. Children whose parents are drug addicted are particularly vulnerable. They live in deprived conditions and the majority are not able to attend nursery or school and are extremely isolated.

What we do in Temirtau

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In our Children's Village, several SOS families provide a stable and loving home for children who can no longer live with their own family. The children live in an SOS family home alongside their SOS brothers and sisters, who are cared for by an SOS Mother. SOS children play with children from local families on a regular basis. 

Our dedicated programme young people supports the children when they are ready to move out of their families. They have the opportunity to live in special houses with other young people while they complete vocational training or higher education. 

Sponsor a child today, and give children in Temirtau hope for a bright future. It's simple to set-up, you will transform a vulnerable young life. 


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