Lembang, Bandung

Children from Lembang, Indonesia

Lembang is situated in western Java, one of the Islands that makes up Indonesia. Whilst the town's population is relatively small, nearby Bandung is one of the largest cities in Indonesia with more than 3 million inhabitants.

The area has extremely fertile soil, and this has meant that many people in the region have traditionally earned a living from agriculture. Nowadays, the town and surrounding countryside are also popular tourist destinations, and this has provided an additional source of employment.

High unemployment

Despite the farming opportunities and increasing visitor numbers, unemployment in Lembang remains very high. Work is often seasonal or temporary and people will accept whatever they can find in order to make ends meet.

This irregular unemployment has not affected everyone in the same way, and there is rising inequality between different groups. Those who lack education, especially women and young people, are particularly disadvantaged, so learning is key to helping people succeed. 

School Lembang Indonesia

Struggling families

Poor families often struggle to make ends meet, which can put enormous strain on family structures. These parents often cannot provide for their children's basic needs, which means high rates of malnutrition and often poor sanitation.

Even when poor parents are able to meet these basic needs they still struggle to provide for the education that will help them succeed. Children in these situations are at heightened risk of abandonment, so addressing the challenges of poverty is important to keeping families together.

What is SOS Children doing to help?

Our SOS Children's Village in Lembang opened in 1972 and was the first in Indonesia. It remains an important part of our growing support and care network in the country. 

Support for fragile families

Our family strengthening programme in Indonesia was founded in Lembang. We focus on families that are at high risk of abandoning their children and offer them advice and practical support to keep them together. 

We provide essential services to children, such as education and healthcare, as well as food aidSponsor a child Lembang and day care facilities to help families get by. We also offer longer term solutions by teaching parents income generating skills through our vocational training centres.

New loving homes

Children who can no longer stay with their parents can find a home with one of 13 SOS families at our SOS Children's Village in Lembang. Here, they can live with their brothers and sisters and attend the SOS school with other children, which helps the make friends in the local community.

Youth programme for teenagers

Once they are old enough, children from SOS families are able to join our SOS youth programme. Here, they are supported by professional counsellors whilst they learn valuable skills and shoulder the increasing responsibilities of adulthood.

You can change a young life by sponsoring a child in Lambang. Regular updates mean you'll watch as they grow and flourish.



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