Child from Nanchang, ChinaNanchang, the capital of Jiangxi Province, represents the hub of Jiangxi’s politics, economy, and culture.

It is one of the 35 biggest cities in China, and with a third of its population being transient, it is comparable to Chicago in the US.

A growing city

Like many of China’s cities, Nanchang is a rapidly developing modern city, encouraged by the guidance and spirit of the city development’s intention to be more open to international investors. It is famous in China for its increase in urban prosperity and awareness of its development success is gathering across the world too.

Its industrial make-up is like that of many other Chinese cities; with a focus on manufacturing. In recent years, Nanchang has revealed impressive plans to become an eminent figure in industries such as car manufacturing and pharmaceuticals.

Poverty persists outside the city

The city’s economy is developing and continues to improve at a pace. As a result, the city is continually changing. However, the social improvements, greater access to education and benefits to people’s lives are largely limited to urban areas.

The reverse side of urban success is that rural populations face great difficulty in finding employment in the city due to the relative lack of access to a good education. With this in mind, many parents seek a well-rounded education and a technical skill above all else for their children. Such upskilling is the only means by which the rural population can secure work with decent wages and improved working conditions.

SOS Nursery School Nanchang ChinaWhat are we doing in Nanchang?

Our Children's Village in Nanchang opened in 1995. Situated in the north of Nanchang, the Village is located near the large Nanchang Forest Park. Older children attend nearby Nanchang Forest Park School.

Young adults from our Children's Village enter vocational training course or go on to further education while receiving our continued support on our youth programme. Here, we supplement their education by giving the support and knowledge needed to help them to develop achievable perspectives, learn about the responsibilities they will face, and begin to make their own decisions.

In this way, they have a chance to enter society as young adults with a brighter future. Adapting to a new and different life in society is not easy. Our support helps them find work either at home in Nanchang, or in another city.

Education beyond the classroom

Much attention is also paid to giving children a cultural education. Every week, teachers visit the Village to teach art, music and other practical activities. The intricate art of brush-painting is taught by a highly qualified calligrapher. Such a difficult skill requires guidance and practice at home; another way of deepening the bond between SOS mother and child.

Through the patience, love of an SOS mother, children gain the security and sense of place they need to flourish.


Did you know? SOS Children has been working since 1949, providing charity care for children and families.