A new family at SOS CV Beijing

Beijing is the capital of China, and one of the most populated cities in the world with over 21 million inhabitants. With many migrating to the city, more and more children are in need of care. 

It was decided that a new Children's Village was needed in Beijing for the increasing number of orphaned and abandoned children in the city. The tenth SOS Children's Village in China, it opened in 2009 and is in the Daxing district. 

Working together to help children in need

As with every where we work, we carry out our activities in China in partnership with local governments and organisations. The Chinese Governnment has supported our efforts to provide loving families homes for children with no-one else. The Beijing municipality provided us with a five-hectre piece of land in Daxing, Huang Cu Town.

What does SOS Children do in Bejing?

When a child has lost the care of their parents, for example those that are orphaned or abandoned, we offer a loving new home in our Children's Village in Beijing. Here they join an SOS family and are cared for by an SOS mother and SOS aunties (family helpers who assist the mother).  

Every child needs quality education from a young age until they are grown up. That's why we built an SOS Nursery which provides pre-school education for young children from SOS families and the surrounding community. Once at the right age, children go to local primary and secondary schools. They make friends with peers from diverse backgrounds, helping them to integrate in the local community. 

Once teenagers and nearing independence we support them to complete vocational training or higher education. At the Vocational Training Centre they can learn skills to ensure them employment and a prosperous future. 

Will you give a vulnlerable child in China hope for a better future? Sponsor today. 


SOS Children has been helping children in poverty in The Gambia for over 30 years.