Sponsor a child in CambodiaSituated on the Mekong River, Kratie is a small town that is north-east of Phnom Penh. In 2000, the fifth SOS Children's Village in Cambodia was opened in Kratie, and today is home to children who have lost parental care.

The need for a Children's Village in Kratie was made clear by the startling statistics about the local population. Around 30% of households in Kratie survive on under $1 a day, meaning that many families live in poverty.

Harsh social and economic conditions for children

Kratie is in a region where 70% live in rural areas, surviving from subsistence farming or fishing. The area has seen some developments in recent years. However, impoverishment remains high with one-third of the population living below the poverty line. 

Children growing up in harsh conditions often have stunted physical and emotional development. For example, many children in Kratie are malnourished and therefore underweight. Further, infant mortality rates are higher than the national average. Medical treatment is hard to reach, leading to children dying from preventable diseases. Half of all babies are born without any medical assistance - which can be risky for the child and mother.

Turbulent family life

Family life in Cambodia has been disrupted by years of conflict in the country. Coupled with poverty, many families have fallen apart leaving children alone. 

Particularly vulnerable are children whose parents struggle to put food on the table. These children may have to work to support the family, thereby missing out on school and a future of opportunities. Worse still is the risk of human trafficking and the exploitation that accompanies it - which does occur in the area. 

How does SOS Children help in Kratie?

Two small smiling girls from Cambodia for Hong Kong Friends. HKFWe believe children flourish best when growing up in the care of family. Through our community programmes we support families to stay together. Our family strengthening programmes help to prevent children from being abandoned, and make sure that they receive essential services including education and healthcare. To help families become self-sufficient, we give training to parents so that they can generate an income and care for their children.  

A loving home for children left alone

When a family does fall apart and children are left with no-one else, we provide them with a new loving home in our Children's Village. Opened in 2000, SOS Children's Village Kratie cares for over 100 children. They live in SOS families, under the care of their SOS mother and alongside SOS siblings. Young children go to the SOS Nursery with local children, and later attend nearby schools.

Children in Kratie, who have no-one else, are given a second chance in life at our Children's Village. Will you help them to succeed, and sponsor a Cambodian child today?


Child sponsors with SOS Children get regular updates on developments with their sponsored child and the village they live in.