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Children at risk in Chipata

Chipata is the main town in Zambia’s Eastern Province. Because of rural-urban migration, an expanding population has led to an increase in poverty and HIV infections. As a result, there is a particularly high rate of family breakdown and child abandonment in the town.

  • It is estimated that one in six of all children in Chipata are orphans, compared with one in 12 in the general population of Zambia. 
  • Over 70% of households in Chipata are caring for orphans, and in a large percentage of these already-struggling households, the main breadwinner is ill, often with HIV/AIDS.

Supporters like you are giving Chipata's children real hope for the future. 

Sponsor a child in Chipata

Reaching out to children

Since February 2011, our Family Strengthening Programme has prevented children from losing the care of their families. We equip parents and caregivers with the skills to gain financial independence and build a better life for their children. We are currently supporting over 150 families, including over 400 children, in the community.We are reaching out to children in Chipata to ensure that they can grow up within a stable and positive family environment.

When children lose the care of their families and are left completely alone, we ensure that they can grow up safely in a new SOS family. Headed by SOS mothers, these families live together at SOS Children’s Village Chipata, which opened in October 2012. So far, over 100 children with no one to care for them have moved into their new homes in the Village, looked after by their SOS mothers.

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We have opened an SOS Nursery for the younger children living in the Village, as well as children from the wider community. In a country where the average class size is 68, we are dedicated to improving the quality of primary education available. As a result, we have refurbished a local school, the Damview Primary School, establishing new classrooms, installing electricity and a toilet block.

We also provide life-saving medical care for vulnerable families. In Zambia, half of children who die before their fifth birthday die of preventable diseases such as pneumonia and diarrhoea. Together, our SOS Medical Centre and mobile clinic offer treatment to around 5,000 patients every year. The mobile clinic, operating out of a bus, provides healthcare to remote communities and has become an indispensible service. Already reaching 13 sites a month, the bus will reach four more by the end of 2015. 

Be part of rebuilding lives

You can help give African children a loving home by sponsoring a child living in SOS Children’s Village Chipata, or you can support the whole Village by taking out a Village sponsorship.

Sponsor a child in Chipata

For £20 a month, you can help to provide children with a safe home, healthcare, a quality education and hope for the future. In addition to our regular newsletter, we will keep in touch with regular updates about your sponsored child.

Sponsor a child in Chipata

Sponsor SOS Children’s Village Chipata

By sponsoring SOS Children’s Village Chipata for £20 per month, you will enable us to continue to provide a loving home to children in the Village, and reach out to empower more families who are struggling in the community.

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In Chipata, Zambia, a new SOS Children's Village offers hope to people in the community.