A three-year-old child waves a small South Sudan flag celebrating independence day in Juba, South Sudan.

Juba is the capital city of South Sudan, a country in north-eastern Africa that has been devastated by decades of armed conflict. Our work in South Sudan began in the City of Malakal; however, due to violent fighting in the region families in our care were evacuated to Juba in 2014.

The SOS families are temporarily living in rented accommodations while SOS Children’s Village Juba is being built. The new Village is planned to open as soon as possible.

Life in Juba

Juba is the largest city in South Sudan, with a population of approximately 300,000. In late 2013, violent fighting broke out across the country which led to an estimated 1.4 million displaced people. 

With political instability and an ongoing peace settlement, international organizations have warned the threat of famine. The country already faces acute malnutrition among children. In certain regions of the country, malnutrition affects 21% of children under-five. 

South Sudan girl 54500
“I like it here,” says Nyableng of her new home, Juba.

Fleeing to safety in Juba

When the conflict worsen in 2013, the SOS families living at the Village in Malakal fled for safety. The majority of the families took refuge at the United Nations Mission in the Republic of South Sudan camp in Malakal. However, not all of the SOS children went to the compound. Over 30 children and one young person journeyed across the White Nile, where the situation was safer, and eventually took refuge in Paloich.

In March 2014, all of the SOS families and children were air-lifted to Juba. The families are currently living in rented accommodation as the new SOS Children’s Village in Juba is being built.

Our work in Juba

Our work began in Juba in the spring of 2014. The SOS Children’s Village in Juba offers SOS family homes to children who were once orphaned and abandoned. These children are cared for by their SOS mother and attend the local nurseries and schools with children from the surrounding communities. The Village also offers psychosocial support and counselling to children who have suffered traumatic experiences.

Help our work

You can help during the current crisis by sponsoring a child from South Sudan. Child sponsorship is a commitment that will last long after the conflict :

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