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Sanankoroba, Bamako

mali-school-sanankoroba-a.jpgSanankoroba is located just south of Bamako, the capital of Mali. It is a rural region and many villages are poorly connected, making it hard for people to move around and access public services.

Most people in Sanankoroba make a living from agriculture, with many growing cotton to sell for a profit. Though the region was far away from the fighting, the March 2012 coup still has a major impact on people in the area.

Struggling to grow

Mali has often struggled to provide a secure supply of food to support its citizens. In Sanankoroba droughts are a regular occurrence and families have very limited access to places where they can draw water to sustain their crops.

When crops fail, parents struggle to feed their children and whole families' livelihoods are destroyed. This precarious way of life has direct effects, like malnutrition, as well as indirect impacts, such as hampering educational and psychological development.

Fleeing conflict

A military coup in 2012 was accompanied by a flare up of violence between different rebel groups in the north of the country. This forced many people to flee the region, leaving their homes and livelihoods behind them.

These people often ended up in southern districts like Sanankoroba. Our Children's Village Sanankoroba was actually home to evacuees from SOS Children Village Socoura, which was in the midst of the fighting.

SOS Social Centre Sanankoroba MaliWhat is SOS Children doing?

We have been working in Sanankoroba since 1987 and have always been committed to ensuring every child has a loving home. Our work remains as important as ever, with increasing numbers of children needing support.

Supporting families

A loving family is the best place for children to grow up, so we help parents, through our community work, to offer the best possible care. We provide counselling and advice to parents as well as practical support, such as training to develop income generating skills.

We also have a daycare centre where parents can leave their children whilst they go out and earn a living. These services help families give their children all the love and support they need to flourish in later life.

Emergency help

We responded quickly to a particularly bad drought in 2012 and organised an emergency programme to address this urgent need. We will remain ready to act again if a similar crisis arises in the future.

Loving homes

When children can no longer live with their parents they can find a loving home with one of 15 SOS families in the SOS Children's Village Sanankoroba. Here, their SOS mothers care for them and their siblings, ensuring that they have every opportunity to succeed.

These children attend the SOS nursery and SOS primary and secondary schools, where they can make friends with children from the local community. In their late teens, they move into shared houses and are guided by a qualified counsellor as they take their first independent steps.

Families in Sanankoroba suffer as a result of drought and food scarcity. We are there to provide protection and security for the region's most disadvantaged children. Please help by sponsoring a child.


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