Children from the SOS Children's Village Monrovia, LiberiaMonrovia is located at Cape Mesurado, the country's most populated area. Although it is Liberia's financial, political, and cultural capital, Monrovia faces many challenges.

The city was battered by Liberia's two civil wars, and many children were left homeless and orphaned. In 2014, the Ebola crisis threatened the city's increasing stability.

Inadequate healthcare leaves Liberia vulnerable to disease

Liberia is highly dependent on foreign aid despite rich natural resources and favourable business climate. Of Liberia's 4,092 million inhabitants, 43.2% are aged under 15 and the majority are female. Around 21,800 Liberians are living with the HIV/AIDS virus; around 1.5% of the country's population – though this rises to 2.9% in Monrovia. 

The government has prioritised HIV/AIDS treatment but costs and accessibility leaves healthcare out of reach for many people. Inadequate healthcare has left the country vulnerable to the Ebola outbreak. Liberia has borne the brunt of the epidemic, which has swept the country, killing thousands and leaving children without their parents.

What we do in Monrovia

A loving home for children with no one else

Monrovia Village provides care for children who cannot grow up with their families. SOS families provide a loving home, and children are raised by an SOS mother along with their new siblings. We are currently also providing care for children orphaned by Ebola.

We provide primary- and secondary-level education for up to 420 children from the Village and beyond at our SOS school. Once SOS young people complete their education, move on to the SOS youth programme, which provides a stepping stone to independence.

There for the whole community

We also work with local families who are struggling to meet their children's needs. Today, we support around 1,750 people every year, helping them gain access to education or delvering skills training, as well as providing financial support, food and medical care.

We offer courses on literacy and computer education for adults as well as young people. We also run workshops on subjects such as hygiene and nutrition to keep families happy and healthy.

Vital services at times of crisis

During the civil war, Monrovia Village became a place of shelter for as many as 7,000 refugees. With the Village as a base, we also delivered food and medical treatment to people in the surrounding area. Today, the centre remains as a community hub.

Our medical centre provides essential healthcare across the community. We provide a range of services from ultrasound, ECG and immunisation to emergency treatment and care. Today, it is the only clinic in Monrovia providing 24/7 healthcare to non-Ebola-related cases. All of the city's other medical centres are swamped with Ebola cases. We offer care for other conditions and refer people on to specialist treatment units if Ebola is suspected.

We provide a home for vulnerable children when they have no one else. You can be part of a child's future by sponsoring online today.


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