Rendille women at Hula Hula village near Marsabit, EP KenyaMarsabit is a town situated in Eastern province, northern Kenya. The town itself is located on an extinct volcano, which rises high above the desert and is covered in heavy forest.

The area is frequently affected by drought and a particularly severe crisis hit the Horn of Africa region in mid-2011. We began rapid emergency work in Marsabit, providing relief to children and families as the crisis deepened. Although we do not operate a Children's Village here, we remained to support struggling families in the years when the disaster passed.

Providing skills for work

We work with schools, the government and community-based organisations to equip local people with the skills and knowledge they need to avoid poverty. We focus on local trade and industry in order to maximise employment opportunities.

We provide training and resources to get people earning. Since farming is a key part of the local economy, we have provided goats and poultry and trained people how to rear and breed livestock, as well as how to sell produce. Business is more lucrative and also more secure if proper bookkeeping and accounting practices are followed, so we train newly equipped entrepreneurs in how to manage their business and keep proper records.

Making childhood better

We train parents and teachers in child rights and child protection, also covering sexual and reproductive health rights. Parents are often unaware of critically important support networks such as social services, and we work to raise awareness of available support and how to access it.

In 2013, we provided two 10,000-litre water tanks to two local primary schools, which are designed to capture rainwater and provide storage to prevent shortages at times of drought. We also teach schoolchildren about the importance of personal hygiene and sanitation in preventing the spread of disease.

Supporters like you enable us to provide ongoing support to help communities like Marsabit escape poverty through skills training and better education for parents and children alike. You can help by sponsoring a Kenyan child.


SOS Schools employ talented teachers and give constant training, to ensure that children get the best possible education.