Two boys surprised to be caught on camera at the Children's Village in Tanta, EgyptHome to nearly half a million people, Tanta is Egypt's fifth-largest city and the provincial capital of Gharbia. It is situated on desert road which links Cairo to Alexandria.

The city is famed for its cotton festival, which takes place in late October, and attracts people from across the Arab world. Like every big city, it has its share of poor and impoverished people, and we are there to ensure vulnerable children get the support they need to thrive.

Poor services and dangerous conditions

Like many Egyptian towns, Tanta suffers from poor services, including an unreliable rubbish collection. Items such as metals and electronics are often left to pile up at the kerbside, making conditions extremely dangerous for children playing in the street.

Our role in Tanta

Our Children's Village is located three miles from Tanta city centre, near the famous Al-Azhar University. We provide a home to orphans and abandoned children, as well as those who are simply unable to live with their own families.

When a child enters our care, we welcome them into an SOS family, where they are cared for by an SOS mother alongside their SOS brothers and sisters. In Tanta, they begin learning at the SOS nursery, which also offers preschool education and daycare to childen from the neighbouring community. We provide special support to children with learning difficulties, many of whom receive special tuition from students from Al-Azhar University. On leaving nursery, children attend local schools throughout Tanta.

At around the age of 15, young people move up to the SOS youth home. Here, SOS counsellors and youth leaders provide support as the youngsters prepare to leave our care and begin independent adult life. Most leave us aged 19 or 20, but we are there for each individual as long as they need our support.

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