egypt-primaryschool-alexandria.jpgLocated on the country's northern coast, on the western edge of the Nile delta, Alexandria is Egypt's primary Mediterranean port.

The city's population is currently 4 million, making it Egypt's second-largest city, after Cairo. The city is expanding rapidly due to an influx of people from the countryside who have come seeking work.

Deprivation leaves children at risk of abandonment

Population growth in Alexandria is double that of other Egyptian cities, as newcomers travel to the city to find work. However, there aren't enough jobs for everyone, and many people find themselves in dire straits.

Living conditions are often poor, and children from families such as these grow up in poverty. With parents struggling to cope, some simply cannot afford to look after their families, leaving children at serious risk of abandonment.

What are we doing to help?

We support families like these so they can take proper care of their children, and offer a home to children who have no one else.

Helping families stay strong

We support vulnerable families throughout the community from our SOS social centre, which has provided vital services since 2007. Here, families come to ensure children get educational support and proper healthcare.

We also work with families individually, offering tailored support so that they can provide their children with the best opportunities throughout their childhood. Support is wide-ranging and aims to tackle all the hurdles to a strong family life. We help parents develop and spearhead small business initatives so that they can make a sustainable livelihood. We also provide guidance as families work to improve their parenting skills.

Sponsor a child Alexandria

Care for children with no one else

Some children cannot live with their families, and we are there to provide them with a loving home. Our Children's Village is home to SOS families, who offer a warm welcome to children with no one else.

Our SOS mothers provide love and nurturing care in a happy family environment as their children grow up. When children are ready to take the first steps into education, they begin learning and play at the SOS nursery, together with children from the community. The primary school offers over 400 places to children from the Village and beyond, and is well equipped, comprising ten classrooms and three science laboratories to enhance the learning experience.

As children enter their mid-teens, they are invited to the SOS youth home. They come to the youth home at around the age of 14, as independence nears. Our youth counsellors support them through workshops on a range of subjects from conflict management to social skills. They continue their stay at the youth home as they begin vocational training or university study. We provide a home here for every young person until they are ready to make the leap to independence.

In a city where joblessness and poverty affects many, we help families become self-sufficient and support the most vulnerable children throughout their childhood.


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