Mbalmayo, Yaoundé

SOS Primary School Mbalmayo Cameroon

The central region of Cameroon relies heavily on agriculture and creates its wealth primarily through the cultivation of cocoa. However the region has unfortunate shortcomings that affect families and children in the region.

Sanitation is one of the worst of these. A lack of clean water plagues the area and people are often forced to drink from or wash in contaminated streams and rivers.

Children affected disease

Illnesses such as dysentery, hepatitis A and malaria fester from the unhealthy conditions and spread through the population. In 2011, the lack of sanitary care caused a massive outbreak of cholera. 85,000 cases were reported in west and central Africa, many of which were in Cameroon.

In addition to the poor sanitary measures in the region, a great deal of the population exists in impoverished conditions. Human rights issues - including social violence, discrimination against, and genital mutilation of women and girls - are common. Child labour, forced labour and child trafficking spread throughout the nation, as well as other rights abuses based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

What we do in Mbalmayo

SOS Children's Village Mbalmayo was founded in 1988 in Ngalla, which is a small village located outside of Mbalmayo.

Sponsor a child Mbalmayo

Sometimes, children can no longer live with their families. When children become orphaned or abandoned, they can move into live with an SOS family at our Children's Village. Here they grow up in a loving household with brothers and sisters, under the affectionate care of an SOS Mother. These children attend the SOS nursery along with children from the area, and stay socially integrated with the local community. The SOS school in Mbalmayo provides education to 432 pupils from SOS families and the surrounding region.

When the youths of the Children's Village reach adolescence and are ready to move on, the SOS youth programme provides a more advanced education as well as training in technical and vocational skills. Qualified educators and counsellors guide the young people into the future, supporting them to make independent decisions and take responsibility, ensuring the growing adults move into a brighter adult life.

Support for vulnerable families

An SOS Social Centre in the area provides programmes aimed to strengthen family ties and protect the rights of children and women, as well as catering to the educational, nutritional and healthcare needs of the young in the area. The SOS social centre provides financial support for rent payment and school fees, and donates clothing and food. SOS Children helps guide families on income generation and parenting skills, and offers counselling and medical care in co-operation with local organisations.

An SOS Medical Centre provides healthcare for children, for people working at SOS Children's Village Mbalmayo and for other patients from the local community. Vaccinations are given to prevent diseases and blood tests are taken to keep the community knowledgeable about their health. The medical centre's doctors see around 300 patients every month.

Each child in our Children's Village receives holistic care and an individual development plan. With the support of child sponsors, children in Mbalmayo flourish. Will you sponsor a child today?


With SOS Children, all sponsored children get a loving family, food, medical care and education from the charity.