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The war has left 3 million Syrian children without a home. Many new mothers have no way to provide food or proper care for their babies. Your support means we can provide shelter, food and ongoing support for those most in need. … more about our charity work in Syria

Syria emergency appeal 2013-14

Syria girlMore than 6.5 million people have been forced from their homes by the war in Syria. Over 3 million of these are children. As the situation worsens, more and more families rely on emergency relief for their basic needs.

So far, SOS Children has helped more than 62,000 people, including nearly 40,000 children.

For those forced from home, we have provided food and shelter. For new mothers and their babies, we are supplying nourishment, milk and nappies. We have helped 16,000 children return to school, and provided 60,000 meals for hungry families.

Please help.

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By sponsoring a Children's Village in Syria, you can help make sure children grow up with the love and support they need.

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Every donation makes a difference, helping us bring food, education and healthcare to those who need it the most.

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In pictures: The impact of war

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Millions need your help

We are appealing for your support to help families affected by the war in Syria. So far, 9.3 million people have been affected by the crisis. Nearly half this number are children.

Sisters in Damascus

6.5 million people have been forced from their homes by over three years of continuous fighting. Thousands of people have fled Syria's largest city, Aleppo.

The situation for displaced families in Syria is worsening by the day and many rely exclusively on humanitarian assistance to survive. Those most at risk are women with small children. Many mothers are desperately in need of nourishing food, nappies and other critical supplies to keep their babies alive.

What are we doing to help?

SOS Children has helped over 62,000 people affected by the war in Syria since August 2012. 

So far, we have:

  • Provided shelter for the most vulnerable people, including unaccompanied children, as well as new mothers and their babies.
  • Brought warm clothes, bedding and blankets to families forced to live in cold temporary accommodation after being forced from their homes by war.
  • A boy plays football amid ruined buildings in Homs, Syria
    The city of Homs is in ruins after years of war. For some children, these buildings are still home
    Provided 60,000 meals to hungry families displaced by the conflict.
  • Helped 16,000 children return to school in autumn 2013 by providing uniforms, equipment and help with tuition fees.
  • Provided nourishment and essential supplies to new mothers and their children, including milk and nappies for babies.
  • Created a child-friendly space in Damascus, where children can find refuge from the horrors of war, be in a place of safety with others their own age, and benefit from the support of childcare experts.

Four decades of experience

We have worked to support children and families in Syria since the 1970s, and our long-term presence in the region means we are well-placed to to deliver aid effectively.

Right now, we need your help. Please consider giving monthly to support SOS Children's emergency appeal and help save lives in Syria and other places affected by crisis. 

Give monthly to Syria

Would you help a freezing child?

Millions watched a moving video of strangers helping a freezing child in need. It reminded us that children in Syria need our support now. The best way to help keep Syrian children warm is to donate to our emergency appeal. Our staff on the ground can then locally source coats and blankets, and coordinate distribution to families in need. We can't accept any winter items by post. Please instead support our ongoing appeal to help the children of Syria.

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Syrian children dream of a safe home

Syrian children dream of a safe home

Of the 6.5 million people who are internally displaced in Syria, 46% of them are children. After three years of conflict, all these children want is somewhere they can grow up without fear, danger or violence. For displaced Syrian children, a safe home has become their biggest dream.

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Syrian children haunted by nightmares

Syrian children haunted by nightmares

Sabeen and her children were forced to move from Homs to Damascus following death threats. Modar, her 6-year-old son, suffered from nightmares after the trauma they experienced. Find out why the SOS child-friendly space in Damascus has become a sanctuary for the family.

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A safe place for Syrian children

A safe place for Syrian children

Every day, 120 children come to our child-friendly space in Damascus to escape the chaos that engulfs their lives. Nearly three years of escalating violence has left the most vulnerable members of Syrian society vulnerable to many dangers, from exploitation and abuse to trauma and neglect. Amidst the turmoil, we are providing a place of safety.

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Working to protect families through the winter

Working to protect families through the winter

In mid-December, the first winter storms arrived in Syria and Lebanon, bringing high winds and freezing temperatures, and forcing the UN to cancel a planned airlift of food and winter supplies to Syria. Our locally based team is pressing ahead with plans to protect families against the harsh Syrian winter.

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Keeping Syrian families warm this winter

Keeping Syrian families warm this winter

One year ago, Malak and her family fled the town of Darayya to seek shelter in central Damascus. Last winter, her two-year-old son Malek became very ill due to the extreme cold, damp and darkness of the abandoned basement they were living in. This year, our winter protection programme will help 20,000 families like Malek’s cope with the harsh Syrian winter.

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Why Mohammed wanted to help families in Syria

Why Mohammed wanted to help families in Syria

17-year-old Mohammed grew up in our Children’s Village in Aleppo. Today, he is attending school in Damascus. But he is also doing something very special. Mohammed is helping SOS Children support stricken families throughout Syria's capital.

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