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Typhoon Haiyan Emergency Appeal 2013-14

Appeal now closed

Thank you to everyone who donated to our Typhoon Haiyan appeal. Thanks to your generosity, the funding need has now been met and we are no longer taking donations.

Any donations made through this page will be placed in our emergency appeal fund for use in future emergency responses.

Girls from SOS TaclobanIn November 2013, Typhoon Haiyan devastated communities across the central Philippines. More than 6,100 people have lost their lives, and over four million have been forced from their homes. Of the 14 million people affected, nearly 6 million are children. SOS Children's Villages is helping those in the worst-hit areas.

Millions of people across the central Philippines remain without food, shelter or safe drinking water in the aftermath of one of the worst storms ever to make landfall. We are focusing our relief efforts on the Tacloban area, where many have been left with nothing.

Typhoon Haiyan boy

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Families in the Philippines need our help. That is why we are working to help those most in need at a time of incredible hardship. Please help.

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Sponsored child from Cebu, Philippines

Give long-term support to children in the Philippines

SOS Children's Villages is committed to providing long-term support to children across the Philippines. By sponsoring a Children's Village, you can provide a safe and loving home to children who have no one else.

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Typhoon Haiyan Emergency Appeal map of Philippines

Well-placed to help local families

We have been helping vulnerable people in the Philippines for nearly five decades. Since then, we have worked with local people to support vulnerable families and children across the nation. Today, we work in eight locations throughout the country, providing long-term support for fragile families and caring for children who have no one else.

With half a century of expertise and local knowledge, we are perfectly placed to deliver fast, effective and targeted to relief to those affected by this devastating natural disaster.

We have worked in Tacloban since 1970. Our Children's Village is located just a short journey from the centre of the city, and we have provided support to struggling families in the local community for over four decades.

With much of Tacloban still inaccessible, we are able to help from within.

Interested in making a regular donation to our work? Learn more about what we do in the Philippines...

Supporting the community

A place of refuge for children

We are running child-friendly spaces for 2,000 children in eleven key locations around Tacloban:

  • Child-friendly space in Tacloban
    Children smile again at one of our child-friendly spaces in Tacloban.
    Here, children can find a place of refuge in a devastated city.
  • Their children safe in our care, parents are able to do what is needed to rebuild their lives.
  • Many of the children are traumatised by their experiences. Through play, games, sports, drama and crafts, these children can begin to recover. The scheme is already beginning to take effect and many young people have begun to smile again.
  • Our spaces are run by SOS staff and volunteers, including teachers and trained social workers. Many of our volunteers have experience providing care in the aftermath of previous typhoons.
  • One of our sites is equipped to provide lunch and afternoon snacks to children.

Rebuilding communities

Whole communities around Tacloban lost their homes and livelihoods in the storm. We are helping these stricken families rebuild their lives:

  • Palanog is a small community on the edge of Tacloban. Here, many homes were destroyed. We will build houses for more than 250 families.
  • Numerous children are out of education because schools were destroyed or are being used as evacuation centres. We have already begun reconstruction work on two primary schools, in Palanog and Tigbao.
  • The fishing families of Bisleg and Magay rely on boats and nets to make a living. Without this basic equipment, the fishermen cannot provide for their families. We are providing, boats, nets, engines and motors so that these families can survive.

Family in front of destroyed home 67116
We are helping families who have lost everything rebuild their livelihoods

Some children were orphaned by the typhoon, and have no family left to care for them. For many of these children, we will provide a loving home with an SOS family in an Children's Village Tacloban or elsewhere.

Helping families at our Children's Village in Tacloban

Our Children's Village in Tacloban suffered severe damage in the storm, though all SOS families and staff are safe. Roofs were stripped from many buildings and the Village was strewn with debris. In the aftermath of the typhoon, children from our Village in Tacloban moved to the shelter of SOS Children's Village Calbayog.

After the typhoon struck, we provided food, water, medical supplies and warm clothing to children in our Village. We have also used some of the money raised to make our Village a safe and secure place for the children who live there. All children have now moved back to the Village.

How will your money be spent?

Appeal now closed

Thanks to your generosity, we have met the funding need for this appeal and we are no longer taking donations.

Any donations made through this page will be placed in our emergency appeal fund for use in future emergency response.

Money raised in our Typhoon Haiyan Emergency Appeal will be spent to help those in countries directly affected. If we raise more money than we need, we will direct this to our relief work in other emergencies around the world.

Help us support families affected by this devastating natural disaster.

What your support can buy


  • A day's food for a family with ten children
  • A month's clean drinking water for a family with ten children
  • A new set of clothes for a child


  • A month's food for a child
  • A post-disaster health check for a child
  • Enough cooking gas for a whole family for a month
  • Enough baby milk for a fortnight
  • A new set of bedding for a family with ten children


  • A new set of clothes for a family with ten children
  • All the essential school supplies for a one child, including exercise books, school bag, a uniform and shoes
  • A new bed, big enough for up to 3 children

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