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Kenya Emergency Relief needed

Whilst the situation across the Sahel belt of Africa gets worse, the fate of refugees from the East African crisis is not improving and indeed the refugee camps are struggling to cope.

Home to almost half a million people Kenya’s Dadaab refugee camp, on the border with Somalia, is at breaking point and long-term solutions for those living in the camp are needed.

Last year Somalis flooded the camp to flee violence at home, while the recent drought that hit the horn of Africa and the increasing strain in the Sahel region is contributing to the funding crisis and to rising numbers of people seeking refuge in the region.

For many seeking refuge they are not getting the care they need.

New shelters are needed as more people arrive daily and many people are still living in tents that are easily destroyed in the harsh climate. The provision of water supplies and sanitation is at risk leaving people extremely vulnerable to cholera and other infections.

Dadaab was set up in 1991 to give 90,000 people a safe place to stay amid fighting in the horn of Africa. What was originally only a temporary solution has for some only ever been their home.

There is a desperate need for funding, food and medical aid for the many displaced people sheltering at Dadaab. We are supporting the three vulnerable communities we already work in Marsabit, North Kenya as well as two additional local villages, which are all together home to over 10,000 people.

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