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Nepal earthquake: SOS families safe and helping relief effort

We are providing food, water and medical supplies from our Children's Villages
We are providing food, water and medical supplies from our Children's Villages

Yesterday's devastating earthquake has left over 3,600 people dead across central Nepal. We are relieved to report that all SOS families are safe, and today, we are focusing relief on children and families hit by the disaster. In the affected region, SOS mothers and young people are helping the relief effort.

With three Children's Villages in the vicinity of the quake, we are using our Villages as a base for our relief work, providing aid and medical care to those most in need in the surrounding areas.

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Delivering the essentials: Food, medical care healthcare

Destruction is widespread, with homes public buildings destroyed in major urban centres such as Kathmandu and Pokhara as well as in the remote villages of central Nepal. This has left many families homeless, while the chaos of the quake and immediate aftermath has separated children from their families and left some orphaned.

Our work is currently focused on the areas around our Children's Villages in the affected region.

Jorpati Village: Relief hub

  • Jorpati Village is the hub of the relief effort today. We have converted the site into a medical camp, and our health team are providing first aid to those left injured or sick as a result of the disaster
  • Around 130 patients have received treatment so far. We have referred critical cases to the local hospital
  • We have also pitched tents to provide shelter while people get their lives back on track.

SOS mothers and young people have also pitched in to support the relief effort, helping the team prepare and distribute food packages as people arrive at the camp.

Kavre Village: Working with others

  • Delivering aid at the Children's Village in Jorpati following the Nepal earthquake
    The Jorpati team deliver food packages and water at the Children's Village
    In Kavre, we are providing relief to those in an aid camp near the Village
  • So far, we have concentrated on providing the essentials, delivering food, water and first aid to more than 100 people, including around 45 children
  • We are working alongside the local army to maximise our reach.

Reuniting families and caring for children

Longer term, we will work to reunite families and provide care to unaccompanied children, and support children suffering the trauma of natural disaster:

  • Reuniting families: In the chaos of disaster, families are broken up and children end up alone. Years working in the region mean we have long-established processes for reuniting children with their parents
  • Care for lone children: If we cannot reunite children with their families, we will identify the best care solution. For those who have no one else, we will provide care at a Children's Village
  • Child-friendly spaces: Crisis traumatises children and puts added pressure on parents. Our child-friendly spaces give children a safe, secure place to play and spend time with others their own age, and to receive counselling and support where necessary. It also gives families the space they need to look for long-term solutions, their children safe in our care.

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