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Nepal earthquake: Our response in graphics

As the need rises, we are using our resources in the crisis zone to support those most in need. This means using our Children's Villages and local teams to provide vital aid such as food and shelter in the immediate aftermath of the crisis.

The Children's Villages in Jorpati and Kavre remain the focus of our response as we deliver food and water to families, and medical care to casualties. Longer term, Sanothimi and other nearby Villages will provide care to children left alone and support to traumatised adults.

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An infographic showing our response to the 2015 Nepal earthquake disaster

Latest news

  • First arrival in Patan: SOS Children was one of the first charities on the scene in Patan, which is among the worst-affected areas. SOS mothers and youngsters have been helping our emergency response team as they deliver aid. More news coming soon.

What are we doing?

  • First aid, food, water, shelter: Right now, we are focusing on delivering vital aid
  • Child-friendly spaces: We are providing a safe, secure environment for frightened children, along with support from our counsellors
  • Planning care for lone children: Predominantly at the Village in Sanothimi and other Villages, while we plan a long-term care solution
  • Support for traumatised adults: At SOS Villages in the region, including Sanothimi.

How can I help?

You can help us deliver aid, provide safe spaces for traumatised children, and plan long-term care for those separated from their families.

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