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Nepal update: Expanding relief as needs develop

We continue to provide food, water and shelter to traumatised families, and have opened our first three child-friendly spaces
We continue to provide food, water and shelter to traumatised families, and have opened our first three child-friendly spaces

As the relief effort shifts from emergency response to longer-term support, we have opened our first child-friendly spaces in the crisis zone. We are continuing to provide aid and shelter to stricken families, and are doing what we can to reach people in the most inaccessible areas.

We plan to support 20,000 children in the aftermath of the disaster. We have begun to identify orphaned and unaccompanied children, the first of whom we are caring for at the Children's Village in Gandaki.

In brief: The relief effort so far

  • Shelter and aid at Jorpati Village: With many homes destroyed and fears of aftershocks, we are providing shelter for hundreds of homeless and traumatised families. As well as tents in the Village grounds, we are delivering first aid, counselling, food and water
  • Child-friendly spaces: We have set up three spaces in the hardest-hit parts of the crisis zone, with two centres in Bhaktapur and one in Kavre. We plan to establish a further eleven over the coming days. A number will be in the badly affected town of Sindhupal Chowk, where 90% of homes have been destroyed
  • Caring for lone children: We have already taken in one orphaned girl at Gandaki Village, and are working to identify others in need of temporary or long-term care. Chaos on the ground means it is hard to work rapidly, but we expect more information to come to light over the next few days.

Families outside the Children's Village in Jorpati
Families gather for aid and shelter at the Children's Village in Jorpati

The relief effort in detail

Jorpati Village

  • During torrential rainfall on Monday night, SOS families invited refugees into their homes so that parents and children would remain warm and dry
  • We are providing health checks, medication and referrals to those injured in the earthquake
  • There are 42 tents in the Village grounds, 1,200 people on the premises in total, including 234 children and 12 pregnant women
  • As well as basic food supplies, we have provided hot meals to families seeking shelter.

Child-friendly spaces

Children are the most vulnerable group after any natural disaster or emergency situation. Child-friendly spaces give children the opportunity to remember what it is like to be a child, reducing stress and trauma now and in the long term. We do this by:

  • Providing protection from risks such as injury and abuse, and minimising trauma resulting from exposure to natural disasters
  • A woman receiving medical treatment
    Our teams are providing first aid to help those injured in the earthquake
    Giving children the opportunity to play with others their own age
  • Helping to maintain a sense of security in children's lives, reducing trauma and fear
  • Giving parents the capacity to fulfil their families' basic needs, finding food and water, and rebuilding their homes.

What else are we doing?

Emergency aid in Patan

Patan is a badly hit area near the epicentre which relief organisations are struggling to reach. Our team managed to gain access to the city where they found widespread destruction and panic. Most had been left homeless and virtually the 4,900 strong population of the area were living in five tents. People were suffering from ailments including coughs, colds and fever, and had insufficient food and water.

Although only a small SOS team managed to get through to the area, they were able to provide enough food to provide the victims with two meals. More action is needed from SOS Children and other organisations to help people in inaccessible regions like this get through the crisis.

What can I do to help?

By supporting our emergency appeal, you can help ensure that families get the food and water they need to survive at this critical time. You will also help us keep children safe now and for the long term in our child-friendly spaces, and ensure children with no one else have someone to care for them.

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