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Haiti Orphan Appeal: SOS Children details programs

trucks roll into port au prince
SOS Children has reviewed its available skilled resources to help with emergency relief in Haiti, in line with its strategic framework for Haiti.

At present we are realistically confident of providing significant assistence for around 40,000 people in the aftermath of the Port au Prince Earthquake, via programmes detailed below. The approximate cost of this programme (around £4m) is a reflection of our decision to target resources on a specific number of high risk families with vulnerable children and not participate in major food distribution programmes, sticking to what we know we are good at.

 As the programme unfolds we will look at possibilities for assisting with more substantial rebuilding works (after previous disasters for example we have rebuilt schools and similar facilities) and for long term family based care for children orphaned by the disaster, according to the level of financial support we have achieved.

The core SOS Children programme therefore, as after the Asian Tsunami and Kashmir earthquake, centres on three areas:

  1.  immediate safe care for lone children,
  2.  providing substantial targeted assistance to families where there is an immediate risk of family disintegration, and
  3.  providing food on a distributed basis shorter term to families in need of food during the immediate crisis

This programme appears to us the most likely to be effective in making a significant difference in ongoing quality of life and future for children affected by the earthquake


Programme involved
Major child beneficiaries
Minor child beneficiaries
Adult beneficiaries
Immediate protection and care for lone children in Safe Shelters (using the refitted SOS School, and temporary accommodation in our village)
Family strengthening programmes: food, shelter materials, medicine and day care for children whilst parents are occupied. Here we list children who will get medicine and food only without day care as minor beneficiaries, and children cared for as major beneficiaries
2000 3000 2000
Targeted food and emergency relief parcels to sustain whole families whilst
the situation recovers, distributed via social centres to specifically identified households.
  20000 12000
 Other beneficiaries including local employment, and giving short term accomodation to existing staff families
   250 250