Haiti news: Sammy's story

The SOS Village choir
The SOS Village choir

Sammy is a Haitian who was living with his mother and siblings in the Dominican Republic when the earthquake struck in January 2010. He went back to Haiti as a volunteer with SOS Children.

Today he works as a translator and also trains the Village choir. As his first languages are French and Spanish he chooses simple English words to tell his story:

“One day I came home from school and was watching TV and I saw that there were some problems in Haiti. They were saying that Haiti collapsed and there were no houses left standing. I felt very bad. I wanted to help but I had no money or anything to get back to Haiti. I was looking for anyone who could take me. I was at church when I met a friend and he said that he was going to Haiti the very next day. He told me that he was going with SOS Children's Villages. So, I joined him. That was nearly two weeks after the earthquake.

SOS  had gathered a team of volunteers. I felt good when I got to Haiti. I saw so many children and many mothers coming looking for help. My first job, together with a co-worker from Guatemala, was to distribute the food in the right way. At first it was in the Village. Then we started distributing food in the community centres from 8.00 in the morning until 5.00 in the afternoon. Then I began translating because there were so many international co-workers involved in the community centres. I was translating from Spanish to French and Creole and sometimes to English.  The situation was very, very, very bad. People were dying because they had nothing. I saw so many children who were very badly injured. It was terrible. After one month I went into Port au Prince, it was unbelievable. The houses had collapsed and the people were living in very bad conditions. My own house had collapsed so now we don't have a house in Haiti. For now, we can't rebuild but we dream of it.

I worked in the community centres for three months. Then I started to translate for journalists. Its feels very good to see how SOS is working. There are so many children that don't have parents. If there were more Villages it would be better. Because they have food, education, love, family, everything they need. I like the children. I make jokes with them. I sing with them. At the moment I am teaching the Village children to sing and dance and I am organising a Christmas concert. We will go into hospitals to sing for other people who can't go out and enjoy Christmas.

I hope that there will be more SOS Children's Villages in Haiti to continue to give this help. I hope that SOS will be in Haiti forever. With the help of SOS we will make the future bright because what SOS is doing is the base of what we will do tomorrow.  Education and love is what the people need to be a good person tomorrow.”

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