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Emergency relief work

Emergency Relief in PakistanAbruptly emerging crisis situations such as earthquakes, floods, famines, and wars demand quick assistance for the people concerned. Thanks to our local contacts and decades of experience, SOS Children's Villages is well equipped to handle such crisis situations.

Thanks to local knowledge and experience, SOS Children's Villages' staff can provide the most needed supplies very rapidly and at short notice children can be accommodated in SOS Children’s Villages or specially adapted premises.

Who we help during emergencies

SOS Children's Villages' emergency relief programmes are mainly aimed at:

  • Abandoned children and orphans, and children who are unable live with their parents or extended families.
  • Those at risk of losing the care of their familes. This may include families affected by an emergency, who cannot support their children without help.

In order to provide effective care, we cooperate with local and central govenments, making us the default care provider for unaccompanied children. For example, after the 2005 Kashmir earthquake we were named custodians of all unaccompanied children by the Pakistani government. Our community outreach work means we have often access to community networks.

Previous emergencies

In 2010 alone, ten SOS Emergency Relief programmes benefited more than 129,700 children and families:

  • We provided food every day for up to 24,000 children following the earthquake in Haiti.
  • We distributed more than 20,000 relief packages containing food, medication and tents, to families affected by flooding in Pakistan.
  • We provided food and medical treatment of conditions caused by malnourishment to 10,000 vulnerable people following famine in Niger.
  • We provided 500 people with mosquito nets and medical supplies after floods in Benin.

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