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Over 600,000 people live with HIV/AIDS in Cameroon, but limited healthcare means many do not get treatment. Hundreds of thousands of children have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS and many are forced to work to support their families. Near Yaoundé and in Douala, we help parents with HIV/AIDS support their families, and provide a home for orphans. … more about our charity work in Cameroon

Cameroon: Personal Touch

A special gift from the children in Cameroon
A special gift from the children in Cameroon

Kathie looks back at her time on location in Cameroon for ‘Our Africa’. Here, she shares how she was deeply touched by a special welcome gift and other experiences she had in Cameroon that will stay with her forever.

“I have frequently been given flowers, cheerfully collected from the local grocery store or thoughtfully picked from a friend's splendid garden, but I have never been treated to anything as splendid as the welcome bouquet I was met with by the children in Mbalmayo -  A handcrafted  'panier', made of a painstakingly-woven palm leaf in its natural shape like an enormous heart, baring a bright array of purple, red and salmon Bougainvillea - the delicate but showy paper flower -threaded through the even weave.  Made with care and pride and delivered with grace, this was a most special gift”.

Family roots and Children from Cameroontraffic jams

“After a week in Cameroon I had begun to understand that communities are basically extended family tribes and that you will always be linked to them in life as well as death. When you die in Cameroon, your body will be taken back to where you were born to be buried and mourned, no matter how long it has been since you were there.  And the transfer is always on a Thursday  - ergo, don't try to drive into or out of Yaounde on a Thursday as the streets are laden with bodies!”

Fun and playfulness

“The staff at the Village clearly demonstrated that they have not lost their sense of fun and playfulness as captured in the film they created about a marriage. An environmentally aware idealistic young husband upbrades his heavily pregnant wife who is cutting non-sustainable wood for the cooking fire.  She asks for the alternatives and he points to other more distant trees that he expects her to access on her own.  The banter of the couple's exchange with theory vs reality is hilarious and the neighbours get involved too, contributing to the arguments and illuminating the gender inequality.  The conflict resolves happily, in the way that marriages around the world do...in the bedroom!”

You can view the video here.

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