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Despite a growing ecomomy, Thailand's children face many risks. HIV/AIDS has orphaned many, leaving them in danger of homelessness and forcing them into work. Many fall prey to sexual exploitation and trafficking. We support families in five locations and provide care to those who have no one else. … more about our charity work in Thailand

Why Susie sponsored a child with SOS Children

Why Susie sponsored a child with SOS Children

Susie always wanted to sponsor a child. But it wasn’t until she met a little girl in Cambodia that she was truly inspired to make the commitment that would change a life. Here, Susie describes the experience that made her become a child sponsor with SOS Children.

“Being a child sponsor was always something I planned to do. But for one reason or another I never quite got round to it. 2011 was the first time I had visited a country out of the Western World. I visited both Thailand and Cambodia, and experienced a way of life I had never seen before.

Whilst in the jungles of Cambodia looking at the temples, I came across a young girl of maybe 11 or 12. She was selling trinkets to tourists. She would ask where you were from, and when I told her I was from England, she said if I bought from her she would tell me the capital of England, the population, the queen, the Prime Minister and more - and she could!

Whilst realising this was a selling patter it was also obvious that she was extremely bright, and I couldn’t help but feel sad that she wasn’t able to be in school.

Having fallen in love with South East Asia, we then planned a trip the next year to include Laos. On reading up I noted something in particular that struck me. Very few books had ever been published in Laos, and education hadn’t been regarded very highly previously, but things had begun to change.

As a child who loved to read immensely, I felt that every child deserves to be educated, and have the chance to read and get the pleasure out of books that I did. I decided that now was the time to become a sponsor and I sponsored a little girl from Laos.

I don’t think there is any greater or fulfilling gift you can give a child than an education. Every child deserves that chance and I feel privileged that I can help in some small way.”

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