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Help change a child’s life during Stoptober smoking month

A one month campaign is launching this month – named 'Stoptober' – to get smokers to quit for good. It cited evidence which suggests a 28 day period off smoking can increase the chances of someone quitting completely. We want to make people's chances of quitting during Stoptober even higher.

As far as we can tell, why people want to stop smoking is usually centred on one of two reasons: it can stop the negative effects on health that smoking can cause, especially when a smoker has a new family or child to care for and their perspective has been changed. It can also be a question of money: quitting smoking can save thousands of pounds over a year.

As a children charity, we sometimes hear stories of people quitting a habit and sharing some of their new-found riches to help our children in Africa and around the world. A couple of years back we ran a 'Quit for Africa' campaign encouraging people to drop their habit for good and make a lasting difference to children's lives

We are always extremely grateful when people choose to make a brave decision to change something ingrained in their day-to-day lives for the benefit of children; for the habit-breaker we hope it gives them the sense of satisfaction that allows them to stick to their decision and feel proud of what they have achieved, when they know that their decision is actively helping disadvantaged children around the world.

That's why we thought now would be a great time to encourage people who want to quit smoking, either during Stoptober or whenever the motivation comes, to consider sharing the cost saving with a child in need via a sponsorship and enjoy the warm feeling of sacrificing something to help others. Perhaps you have a friend or family member who has mentioned in the past they'd like to quit but need the motivation to go through with their decision; nudging them in the direction of helping children in poverty might just be the motivation they need.

If you look at the figures and see the savings a smoker could make, the incentive seems enticing. It is estimated that a smoker who smokes 20-a-day could save as much as £50 a week. If you could spare a pound a week from your savings, you would make a real difference to the lives of children across Africa. Even if you only quit for the 28 days of Stoptober you could save almost £200.  If you gave up for good you could afford to sponsor eight children!

And if you're not a smoker but have been inspired by the Stoptober campaign to give up a different costly habit: alcohol, snacks, coffee or so on, you could also make huge savings and contribute to helping orphaned and abandoned children live a better life. Find out more about the difference child sponsorship makes.

Thank you for your support and please pass the message on!