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BT MyDonate versus JustGiving and Virgin Money Giving

BT MyDonate versus JustGiving and Virgin Money Giving

If you've decided to hold a fundraising event for SOS Children, the first thing you'll be thinking about is how best to raise money online. Here, we try to convince you that BT MyDonate is the best online fundraising tool.

Winning the fundraising battle

MyDonate is unique in the UK in offering no fee, no commission online fundraising. This means SOS Children will receive every penny you raise, with Gift Aid too where applicable, and no fees will be deducted by BT.

Perhaps you’re more familiar with JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving. MyDonate works in much the same way, making online fundraising quick and easy and getting more money to the children we support.

Whereas BT takes nothing out of money raised through MyDonate, Virgin Money Giving takes 2% in commission, while JustGiving deducts 5% from both the money you raise and the Gift Aid.

As well as commission, JustGiving and Virgin Money Giving charge us to use their services. To use JustGiving, we pay £18 per month including VAT, and Virgin Money Giving charges charities a one-off fee of £100 plus VAT - we paid £115 when we signed up in 2009. BT MyDonate is free.

Comparing the figures

This table shows the extra money you can raise for SOS Children by using MyDonate:

 JustGivingVirgin Money
BT MyDonate
£10.00 donation £10.00     £10.00     £10.00    
Gift Aid +£2.50     +£2.50     +£2.50    
Admin fee -£0.63     -£0.20     £0.00    
Card processing fee -£0.15     -£0.15     -£0.15    
Total Charges -£0.78     -£0.35     -£0.15    
Total to SOS Children £11.73     £12.15      £12.35    
Percentage More Raised 0%     3.6%     5.3%    

Figures taken from http://www.justgiving.com/about-us/what-it-costs, http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/giving/about-us/fees.jsp and http://www.btplc.com/mydonate/findoutmore.

As you can see, MyDonate far outweighs its main competitors in online fundraising. MyDonate gives SOS Children a hefty 5.3% more than JustGiving, and 1.6% more than Virgin Money Giving.

At SOS Children, we believe that every penny is crucial to the thousands of children we help around the world. The extra pence raised might seem somewhat trivial at first glance, but 62p more for every £10 raised adds up to a lot of money across all the donations we receive.

Online fundraising is one of the many ways you can help children around the world. We feel that if you would like to raise money online for SOS Children, the best way to do it is through BT MyDonate. This way, more money reaches the children we support, while your fundraising efforts go further. With BT MyDonate, you can assure your friends and family that all their money will go towards helping children - a powerful tool when soliciting for support.

For any queries about online fundraising, feel free to contact Tara at tara@soschildren.org.


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