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BT MyDonate versus JustGiving and Virgin Money Giving

BT MyDonate versus JustGiving and Virgin Money Giving

Decided to hold a fundraising event for SOS Children's Villages? Then the chances are that you're thinking about how best to raise money online. Here, we take a look at three of the biggest online fundraising platforms and show you why BT MyDonate might just be the tool you've been looking for!

Winning the fundraising battle

BT MyDonate is pretty unique in the UK – it takes zero commision and has absolutely no set-up fees. That means that SOS Children's Villages UK will receive every single penny you raise – with Gift Aid too where applicable – and nothing will be deducted by BT. Pretty great huh?!

While it's not as well known as JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving, BT MyDonate is just as quick and easy to use. The added bonus for us here at SOS Children's Villages UK is that more of the money you've worked so hard to raise goes to the vulnerable children and communities we support. 

Whereas BT MyDonate deducts nothing from the money you raise, Virgin Money Giving takes 2% in commission, while JustGiving deducts 5%.

As well as commission, JustGiving and Virgin Money Giving charge charities like us to use their services. To use JustGiving, we pay around £18 per month including VAT, and Virgin Money Giving charges charities a one-off fee of £100 plus VAT - we paid £115 when we signed up in 2009. BT MyDonate is free.

Comparing the figures

This handy table shows how your money goes a whole lot further with BT MyDonate:

 JustGivingVirgin Money
BT MyDonate
£10.00 donation £10.00     £10.00     £10.00    
Gift Aid +£2.50     +£2.50     +£2.50    
Admin fee -£0.63     -£0.20     £0.00    
Card processing fee -£0.13     -£0.15     -£0.15    
Total Charges -£0.78     -£0.35     -£0.15    
Total to SOS Children £11.74     £12.15      £12.35    
Percentage More Raised 0%     3.6%     5.3%    

Figures taken from https://www.justgiving.com/fees/eurl.axd/c712e56a355d4246be74991177efbb12?utm_source=justgiving_about_us&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=our_fees, http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/giving/about-us/fees.jsp and http://www.btplc.com/mydonate/findoutmore.

At SOS Children's Villages UK, we believe that every penny is crucial when it comes to supporting the thousands of children we help around the world. Just think about it; for every £10 raised via BT MyDonate, we get an extra 62p. That adds up to a significant sum across all the donations we receive.

Online fundraising is one of the many ways you can help children around the world. For us here at SOS Children's Villages UK, using BT MyDonate is a no-brainer! More money reaches the children we support, while your fundraising efforts go that much further. What more could you want?!

Got questions about online fundraising? Our team is more than happy to help! Just drop us an email at 


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