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In the wake of economic growth, many Ghanaians now enjoy improved living standards. For poor children, however, life is tough and life chances limited. That's why we support fragile families provide care to children with no one else in three locations in Ghana. … more about our charity work in Ghana

Life as an SOS mother in Ghana

Irene is raising eight SOS children at our Kumasi Village in Ghana
Irene is raising eight SOS children at our Kumasi Village in Ghana

Over 5,250 women work at SOS Children’s Villages as SOS mothers. Our work would not be possible without these amazing women. We sat down with Irene Nayram Tatra, an SOS mother at our Kumasi Village in Ghana, to find what life is like as an SOS mother.

Irene has been working as an SOS mother at SOS Children’s Village Kumasi since 2009, when the Village opened. She lives and works at our Village, raising orphaned and abandoned children as her own. 

How many children are you raising at SOS Children’s Village Kumasi?

I am an SOS mother to eight children who are between the ages of three and 11. Each child is unique, so some require different methods of parenting.

What is life like as an SOS mother?

Working as an SOS mother involves waking up early to see that the children brush their teeth and have their bath. I help them make their beds and prepare their breakfast. Later in the day, I prepare their lunch and dinner, and then assist them in their homework. I teach them how to do household chores, and have proper manners and etiquette.

How would you describe the profession?

Being an SOS mother is like being a social worker because we help improve children’s lives who have dark pasts. We also protect them from any harm or danger that they may face.

Working at the Village is a truly remarkable experience because you get to met so many different people. As a mother or parent, you ultimately shape the behaviors of the children you are raising. So, great responsibility comes with being an SOS mother. You have to love them as if they are your own children, teach them and guide them onto the right path.

What do you enjoy most about being an SOS mother?

Boy from Kumasi Village in Ghana, colours picture of bird
Irene's SOS son colours a picture of bird at their home at the SOS Children's Village in Kumasi, Ghana

I enjoy raising the children the most. Knowing that I am helping empower and inspire young people who were once alone is very motivating. Plus, parenting eight children is very entertaining. The children fill our home with laughter. The Village is extremely lively with over 100 children plus SOS mothers and other staff members.

What challenges do you face?

Looking after eight children with different personalities is not an easy task. As a parent, you have to ensure that your children learn how to interact well with each other and share. Some children require more attention and parenting than others. Another challenge is homework time as some children are more motivated than others.

What are your hobbies?

I love cooking, watching films and listening to music with my family. 

Mothers are a core part of our work. Discover how you can ensure vulnerable children everywhere can grow up with the love of an SOS mother.