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"Being a mum makes me feel fulfilled"

Leticia, an SOS mother in Mexico absolutely loves her job
Leticia, an SOS mother in Mexico absolutely loves her job

In the run up to Mother’s Day on 6 March, we’re highlighting the work of our amazing SOS mothers around the world, because we believe that Mums really matter! SOS mothers have a hugely positive impact on the lives of the children they love and care for and they are at the heart of what we do as a charity.

Leticia Velazquez Romero is an SOS mother at SOS Children’s Village Morelia, Mexico. She is extremely proud of her family and works hard so that they are able to have as good a childhood as possible.

The world’s most rewarding job

Leticia, or Lety as she is affectionately called by her eight SOS children, is quick to welcome anyone who crosses the threshold of her house. Lety has been part of the Village for 11 years now, “I’ve always liked kids, taking care of them, providing for them, but above all, showing them affection and loving them.” She sees her job as an SOS mother as much much more than a job: “My life has completely changed,” she says. “I have grown so much on a personal level.”

Our SOS mothers are given comprehensive training over a two year period. All but three months of the training is ‘on-the-job’ training where they live with an SOS family in one of our Villages. During this time they learn how to provide special care to children who have been abused or badly traumatised, and how best to aid their recovery. The training programmes are carefully crafted to fit with different cultural, social and economic realities – what works in one region or country won’t necessary work in another.

Creating a happy home

Nothing makes Lety happier than talking about her children. A huge smile breaks across her face when you mention any of their names and she can’t stop talking about them. “I feel so happy when I am with them,” she beams. “Nothing beats seeing them laugh.”

SOS mum in Mexico doing the washing up with her children
Lety has built a supportive and happy family environment where even the washing up is fun!

Lety has worked hard to create a happy and positive home life and places great emphasis on listening to all the children. Being able to have frank, honest conversations with them is one of her keys to parenting success. But Lety also can’t resist spoiling the children! In particular she loves spoiling them with delicious meals. “Red spaghetti is my favourite,” giggles 12-year-old Karla. “And I love Mum’s chilli sauce,” pipes up 9-year-old Mariana. After a dinner, Lety and the children play games– they love pillowing fighting, which is “exhausting but fun,” according to Lety. 

“The children give me a purpose,” Lety says. “I cannot imagine being without them. My children are everything to me.” And she is everything to them.

Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day present? Then why not make a donation on behalf of your mum?

No matter how big or small the amount, your gift will give a child that has no-one the love of a mum and will enable us to train even more wonderful women to become SOS mothers. Find out how you can donate to our #MumsMatter campaign.