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Severe flooding in South America causes thousands to flee

Our community centres in three regions of Paraguay have been affected by the flooding
Our community centres in three regions of Paraguay have been affected by the flooding

Heavy rain in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay has forced thousands from their homes. A state of emergency is in force in Paraguay with some 130,000 displaced in the country. The rising river levels have affected several of our programmes in Paraguay.

No SOS families or programmes have been affected in Argentina, Brazil or Uruguay. The flooding has affected SOS community centres in three regions of Paraguay – in Bañado Tacumbu, Zeballos Cué and Limpio Salado. These Centres support 68 vulnerable families with over 130 children.

Families have been evacuated to safety and are staying in emergency shelters. We are currently working with the national emergency service in Paraguay to help affected families.

The extreme flooding has been triggered by this year’s El Niño, which is the most severe in more than 15 years, according to the UN’s World Meteorological Organisation. The BBC has reported that flood barricades around the Paraguay River might soon burst. The military is continuing to evacuate affected communities to safety. 

Our work in Paraguay

Children are at the heart of what we do and we want to ensure the safety of all children. We are continuing to monitor the flooding in South America, and its impact on children in the area. 

We have worked in Paraguay since 1970. Today, we operate six SOS Children’s Villages to provide loving homes for orphaned and abandoned children in the region. We also provide support to the communities that surround our Villages. We work with vulnerable families, providing resources to improve their home environment for their children.

Young boy and dog at CV Belén in Paraguay
Jose smiles next to the SOS Village dog in Belén, Paraguay

Jose’s story

Jose and his three older siblings know first-hand the impact child sponsorship can make. In 2014, the four young children arrived at SOS Children’s Villages in Belen, Paraguay, after the tragic loss of their parents. Jose and his siblings Felix, Felipe and Liz Carolina were welcomed at the Village.

Their SOS mother, Angela, decorated their new family home with balloons and welcome snacks for their arrival. She made sure that Jose was able to celebrate his birthday too, which fell on the same week he arrived.

“I made sure that the entire Village could celebrated his birthday with him. We invited all of the children. There was cake, candy and snacks. He thanked everyone for his presents and then played with his new friends,” says Angela.

You can help make a lasting difference in Paraguay through child sponsorship. By sponsoring with SOS Children, you can give a little boy or girl a happy, healthy childhood. 

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