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Making a list and checking it twice...

Christmas is coming!
Christmas is coming!

It’s that time of year again! Temperatures are dropping and excitement levels are rising in Children’s Villages across the world. Children are busy putting up decorations, baking all sorts of yummy Christmas treats and writing to Santa Claus.

Children from our Children’s Village’s in Angola and Belarus shared their lists with us. Discover what they’re hoping to find under the tree...

Helena with her Christmas list

Dear Santa,
I would like to receive a computer, so I can use it for my schoolwork.I would really love a bicycle so I can cycle around with friends for fun! It will also mean I can quickly run errands for my mum!

Max is hoping for a new football this ChristmasDear Santa,
You know how much I like sports so I wish for a new football and football kit. I also want to grow up and have a family with two children (but only two!) and go for walks at the weekends.
Max, 12

Joao holding his Christmas listDear Santa,
I want roller-skates for Christmas. I have always wanted roller-skates. My friends and I all want roller-skates because then we can skate together. If that’s not possible, I would like a bicycle this year.
Joao, 8

Elena's dreaming of getting a dog this Christmas!Hi Santa,
I would really love colourful felt-tip pens, some pencils and a pink sketch book! I also dream about a dog with a nice red bow round his neck – but the dog must be small!
Elena, 9

Deolinda is hoping to find shoes under the tree this ChristmasDear Santa Claus,
I would love some shoes for Christmas. I would actually like many different shoes so that I can wear different ones sometimes! For instance, sandals, trainers and pumps – all different kinds of shoes!
Deolinda, 9

Katia is hoping she gets what she's asked for this Christmas!Dear Santa,

Can I have some jewellery please? I would also love some lipstick and perfume. But what I want most is to be able to move back with my dad.
Katia, 10

For Christmas, Esme wants a teddy bear of her ownDear Santa,
I would like a computer for Christmas, but I would also really like a teddy bear. I know it sounds odd because I am a teenager, but I have never had my own teddy bear.
Esme, 16

Danik would love to receive a radio-controlled helicopterHi Santa,
I want a radio-controlled helicopter – it can everywhere you want, it can go up high! I have been dreaming about one forever. I also want to go to Ireland again – my trip last year was amazing.
Danik, 11

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