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Vocational Training Centre celebrates graduation

Young man receiving his certificate in woodwork from his teacher in Bambous, Mauritius
Joseph receiving his certificate in woodwork from the SOS Vocational Training Centre in Bambous, Mauritius
In August, SOS Children’s Villages Mauritius recognised the hard work and success of 42 young people who completed their training at the SOS Vocational Training Centre. 

The centre provides technical training to disadvantaged and vulnerable young people to enhance their self-confidence, develop their interest in education and training, and equip them with the skills they will need to get a job. 

The ceremony took place at SOS Children’s Village Bambous, Mauritius. The day was a chance to congratulate the young people from the SOS Village and the Family Strengthening Programme.

The ceremony

Awards were given to the 11 students who completed their training with high excellence. Two young people from SOS families shared testimonies of their experience at the SOS Vocational Training Centre. In their video clips, they expressed how the training has enhanced their self-confidence and motivated their interest in learning. 

“I was introduced to vocational training in various trades. I started training in electrical engineering while doing an apprenticeship with a local company. I acquired a lot of experience in that field and today I am proud to be a team leader. My dream is to be an electrical engineer and I will achieve it,” said Mary Jane proudly.

The graduates received certificates from programmes such as masonry, plumbing, woodwork, electrical, mixed farming and industrial painting. SOS Vocational Training Centres offer courses and apprenticeships in various trades, industries and services. The courses offered at the centres are tailored to the local job market.

Employment opportunities in Mauritius

Mauritius is an island located off the coast of Africa above Madagascar. Earlier this year, the national unemployment rate increased to 8.70%, almost one percent higher than the previous year. Recent graduates and young people in Mauritius are affected by the increased unemployment rate as they do not have the work experience to compete in such tough markets.

Though the government has launched programmes to help young people gain employment, the solution lies in education and providing opportunities to learn new skills.

SOS Vocational Training Centres are designed to engage young people in a wide range of in-demand programmes, to increase their chances of employment upon graduation. In 2014, we offered 51 Vocational Training Centres across the world, which trained more than 12,300 vulnerable adults and young people.

When an SOS child is old enough to leave the Village, they are moved to an SOS Youth Facility and have the opportunity to continue their education. Learn more about how we are committed in empowering children and young people through education.