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Girl from SOS SC Sarajevo Bosnia
By 1994, the war in Bosnia had affected countless young lives. SOS Children's Villages stepped in to help children and families suffering in the conflict, and has remained in Bosnia ever since, providing care to children who have lost their parents, and supporting communities in Sarajevo and Gracanica. … more about our charity work in Bosnia

The tooth fairy visits Sarajevo

The tooth fairy visits three SOS children at the Sarajevo Villags
The tooth fairy visits three SOS children at the Sarajevo Villags

Much like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, the tooth fairy is an important fantasy figure in early childhood. No distance is too far for the tooth fairy. We take a look at three SOS children's experience with the tooth fairy.

For the tooth fairy to pay you a visit, you must first lose a baby tooth, then tuck it under your pillow and go to sleep. During the night, she uses her magic to reward you with a small present. 

At the Sarajevo Village in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where children call the tooth fairy Zubić Vila (pronounced: zoo-beach vee-lah), she recently visited three SOS children. After the tooth fairy visited the SOS Village, the three girls drew pictures of the tooth fairy.

A box of wonders

“I had a loose tooth for several days. Mum took me to the dentist who got it out,” says eight-year-old Tajra. “It didn't hurt one bit. Mum says I was very brave.”

Drawing of the tooth fairy from the Sarajevo Village in Bosnia
Children from the Sarajevo Village draw their interpretation of the tooth fairy after she pays them a visit

That evening, she carefully place the tooth under her pillow before she drifted off to sleep. In the morning she woke to find her tooth replaced with a delicate box that was filled with beads.  

“I was so excited when I woke up. I made a necklace with the beads the tooth fairy gave me,” says Tajra.  “My SOS Nursery teacher told us about her. I think that the tooth fairy has really big wings because she has to fly to each child in the world.”

A teddy for a tooth

“When I noticed that I had a loose tooth, I first told mum,” says Emina, 6. “It was really wobbly, but wouldn't fall out!”

Eventually, her tooth fell out. Together with her SOS mum, they found a pretty box to keep her baby teeth in. She explains that she was too excited to see the tooth fairy to sleep. The next morning she found a plush teddy bear next to her pillow. Emina now sleeps with her teddy bear every night. 

A sweet surpise

“When one of my teeth became loose, I first thought something was wrong,” says seven-year-old Amna. "Then my SOS mum explained that when teeth fall, new and even prettier teeth grow in.”

Her SOS mother also explained to her that she has to regularly bush her teeth and see the dentist so her new teeth stay healthy and pearly white. When her first tooth fell out, she explains that she was prepared for the tooth fairy.

“I knew about the tooth fairy, my teacher at the SOS Nursery told us all about her. I also saw a cartoon about her. I knew what to do, so I put it under my pillow,” says Amna.  

Amna first thought that she should wish for a gift from the tooth fairy. But, after some consideration, she decided be surprised. When she woke up the next morning, she found chocolate and a small pink bag.

“I split the chocolate right away with my brothers and I carry the pink bag around everywhere,” says Amna. 

At SOS Children’s Villages we work to ensure children like Amna, Emina and Tajra can have a happy and enjoyable childhood. Learn more about life at our SOS Villages.