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Palestinian Territories

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The magic of music

8-year-old Najat's most prized possession is her violin
8-year-old Najat's most prized possession is her violin

Najat was just four years-old when she moved into SOS Children’s Village Bethlehem in Palestine. Desperate poverty meant that her parents were no longer able to care for her or her two brothers. Growing up in poverty and during a time of political turmoil and conflict had a hugely negative effect on Najat. Moving into the SOS Village was a daunting prospect.

Coming out of her shell

Najat's SOS mother, Abeer, saw how much this little girl was struggling and immediately enrolled her in music-therapy sessions. Slowly but surely, Najat transformed from a shy and withdrawn little girl into a child brimming with confidence. Today, aged eight, she has a strong relationship with her SOS family as well as her biological brothers, who live with her in her SOS home.

Abeer is sure that the music-therapy was the key to drawing Najat out of her shell. “Before we introduced her to music, she had no interest in anything,” remembers Abeer. “Now she is so passionate about everything – even school, it’s amazing!”

Najat's true passion is music. She loves singing and often organises performances and concerts for her SOS family and friends. “My favourite song to sing is ‘Ya Tayba’ (a popular song about a Muslim’s wish to go on pilgrimage),” she says. Her musical talents don’t just end with signing though. Najat is also an excellent violinist. “She came to me one day, out of the blue, and asked if she could learn the violin,” says Abeer. After a few lessons with a local violin teacher, Abeer encouraged Najat to do the entrance exam for the prestigious Edward Said National Conservatory for Music in Bethlehem. She passed with flying colours.

Najat from SOS Children's Villages Bethlehem plays her violin for her friends at a concert
Najat performing at a concert for her friends from SOS Children's Village Bethlehem

A true talent

“It was obvious then that she was very talented”, beams Abeer. “I was so proud of her!” Now Najat attends weekly violin classes at the Institute. “I love to play the violin,” says Najat. “I practice a lot so that I can get better and better”. She takes great delight in playing for her friends and SOS family and is very excited that she will get to play in the big summer concert being held as part of the Eid al-Fitr celebrations. Abeer continues to be supportive of her daughter’s desire to develop her new hobby, providing her with constant encouragement and she is always there to listen when Najat wants to discuss a music lesson. “Najat is very talented, but she is still polite and humble, I am convinced that she has a bright future ahead of her,” she says happily.

Giving Zakat this Ramadan

Najat is one of 100 children who call SOS Children’s Village Bethlehem home. Give Zakat to SOS Children this Ramadan and help us give vulnerable and orphan children the opportunity to thrive as Najat has done. 

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