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Infographic: Child labour in numbers

This World Day Against Child Labour, we take a look at some of the facts. 

168 million children around the world - some as young as 5-years-old - are working. This is 47 million less children than in 2008, but it is still far too many.

These children do not have the chance to experience childhood or gain an education. Instead they are doing jobs that they are far too young to do. They are often exposed to danger and suffer indignity. Over half of child labourers (85.3 million) are employed in hazardous work including jobs in agriculture, mining and construction. These children are likely to be injured, often seriously, or may even die due to the nature of the jobs they are doing.

SOS Children offer a loving home, an education, and the chance to have a childhood to child labourers across the world. We also work with families and communities to try and prevent the occurance of situations where children end up working.

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World Day Against Child Labour 2015 infographic