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Thank you Jeremy: 15K fundraiser takes supporter to 6 Villages

Jeremy's 15K bike ride took him to six SOS Villages in five countries
Jeremy's 15K bike ride took him to six SOS Villages in five countries

When Jeremy Reed set off on his cycling tour from England to Australia in support of SOS Children, he didn't know quite what to expect from the Villages he planned to visit along the way.

In the end, it was the respect and responsibility shown by the children that impressed him most of all. Jeremy captured his experiences on camera, and we bring you the highlights here.

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“Why not?”

If there's one thing we can say about Jeremy, it's that he enjoys a good challenge! In 2009-10, he circumnavigated the world by boat, and – not one to rest on his laurels – he cycled from John O'Groats to Land's End the very next year (after cycling up to the starting point from his home in Essex first!). What amazes us about Jeremy is that the first question he asks is never “why should I do it?”, but always “why not?”

Jeremy's cycle tour for SOS Children took him an incredible 15,000 miles from the UK to Australia, taking in EuropeAsia and Australasia. For him, the highlight was Kyrgyzstan, where despite warnings for his personal safety, he found the people friendly and welcoming – and the scenery breathtaking.

Jeremy Reed outside his tent with bike in the background
Jeremy's epic bike ride took him 15K miles across three continents – and sometimes, he had to rough it!

“Happy and content”

When beginning his career in extreme challenges, Jeremy decided that if he was going to push the limits of human endurance, he might as well do it for a good cause! He tries to raise money and awareness of causes that he feels are underrepresented in the fundraising world.

He chose SOS Children because he was impressed by our global spread and feels that there are few worthier causes that providing a bright upbringing for the world's most vulnerable children. Like many people, he found out about SOS Children through his own research, and was refreshed to learn that we concentrate our energy on helping the children in our care rather than shouting about what we do. “Before I undertook the trip, I knew nothing about SOS Children's Villages,” he says. “I have seen at first hand the fantastic work they do and the wonderful children they shape and develop.”

Respect and responsibility

What he saw at the Villages along the way wowed him. “All the children I saw and met seemed happy and content,” he says. “I was immensely impressed by the standard of housing and the love and care given to all the children in all the Villages.”

For Jeremy, it was the respect and responsibility demonstrated by the children that impressed him the most. “I was inspired by the values of respect and responsibility the children were taught from a young age,” he told us. “Respect and responsibility for themselves, the other children, the SOS mothers, the houses and the Village as a whole.”

Along the way, Jeremy visited six Children's Villages in five countries:

How can I help Jeremy?

So far, Jeremy's incredible achivement has enabled him to raise £3.6K in support of vulnerable children around the world. If you're as impressed by his commitment (and stamina) as we are, why not help him reach his target of £10K?