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Living standards are rising as China undergoes rapid development. However, children continue to grow up in struggling families amid poor conditions, particularly in rural areas. In ten Children's Villages across China, we give the most vulnerable children a loving home … more about our charity work in China

Qiqihar Village: A new nursery and dulcimer drama

Ai loves to play the dulcimer and – as her story demonstrates – is always ready to play on through adversity!
Ai loves to play the dulcimer and – as her story demonstrates – is always ready to play on through adversity!

Carol recently got in touch to find out what was going on at our Village in the Chinese municipality of Qiqihar. We are delighted to bring you an update straight from the Village, where our newly expanded SOS Nursery is preparing to admit an extra 162 children from the local community.

Qiqihar is a large city in north-eastern China, where a flourishing economy has led to rapid population growth. Sadly, most do not benefit from the boom – and we provide care to some of the most disadvantaged children of all.

Devoted to her dulcimer!

Ai loves to play the dulcimer. She relishes any chance to perform, and this New Year provided the perfect opportunity to show off her passion to the whole Village! But the evening was not to go as planned...

Before her performance, Ai slipped, injuring her mouth. She was so badly hurt that she had to go straight to hospital for emergency treatment. Not one to let fortune get in her way, Ai was back at the party before she was due to take to the stage – instrument in hand, ready to play!

Like many SOS children, Ai is proud and passionate about her talent. And one thing's for sure – she certainly knows how to get on the right side of her music teacher!

Encouraging personal growth

Ai is one of 169 children at Qiqihar Village who are learning a new skill. As part of the “Three Ones” education scheme, each child is encouraged to develop three new skills to further their personal development. From learning to play a new instrument or taking on a new sport to mastering calligraphy or paper cutting, the Village caters to every child's interests.

An expanded nursery for Qiqihar

The expansion of Qiqihar Village's SOS Nursery is well underway. Financed by the municipal government, the project will not only make the building safer and more efficient, but provide spaces for an additional 162 children, meaning that capacity will increase more than threefold. In an area lacking its own nursery, this will provide much-needed learning, play and daycare opporunities for families from the local area.

As well as expanding and updating our nursery, we have also renovated all of our SOS homes, providing new furniture and replacing out-of-date plumbing so that SOS families can enjoy a fresh, healthy environment.

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