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Weekly news digest: 2nd - 8th August

In this week's news digest get the latest about the Ebola outbreak in West Africa and the Gaza conflict.
In this week's news digest get the latest about the Ebola outbreak in West Africa and the Gaza conflict.

Each week we will bring you a selection of the latest news stories from around the world. Focusing on issues that affect children we will look at the themes of education, health, community development and emergencies. Catch up by reading these news summaries, and click-through for related articles.

Today, SOS Children is launching a weekly news digest, that will help keep you updated with the latest global issues. With children at the centre of all our work, we will select news stories that are impacting children in the world today. 


  • MYANMAR/ BURMA: Children from the Rohingya ethnic group are missing out on their right to education due to continued discrimination. The Rohingya are a minority group of Muslim faith, who have long been persecuted in Myanmar. Segregated schools mean that Rohingya children are confined to a few under-resourced, over-crowded and dilapidated schools. It's estimated that more than 60% of Rohingya children aged 5 to 17 have never been to school. As a result, child labour is on the rise, reports Al Jazeera. Read about our global education projects...


  • WEST AFRICA: The Ebola virus continues to threaten people living in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, with two cases now reported in Nigeria. Over 880 people have died from the highly infectious and deadly virus. Funding from the World Health Organisation and the World Bank will help countries in West Africa to contain and treat the outbreak. All SOS Children's Villages are safe and taking strict precautionary measures. Read more...
  • SWAZILAND: A nationwide outbreak of severe diarrhoea has led to nearly 40 young children dying, and over 3000 cases recorded. Attributed to the rotavirus, the outbreak has highlighted the need for better sanitation, improved hygiene and safe drinking water in schools and homes across Swaziland, reports IRIN. Read about our healthcare work...

Community development

  • Special featureAre dams good or bad for communities? Dams deliver a range of benefits and can support community development, but they also have many negative effects on local populations. Our guest blogger explores the pros and cons of dam-building, and how the costs and benefits can be equally shared. 

Conflict & natural disaster

  • 	An SOS girl sitting in her bedroom in CV Rafah, Gaza, Palestine. Credit: Ms Virginie Nguyen HoangGAZA: The month-long conflict between Gaza and Israel continues to evolve and escalate. As of 8th August, air strikes from Israel and rockets from Gaza have resumed after a second ceasefire expired. So far, more than 1,800 Palestinians and 66 Israelis have been killed, including 400 children. “We remind all parties of their fundamental obligation under international human rights law to protect the safety of children, who are being robbed of their childhood”, said CEO of SOS Children's Villages International. Read more...
  • PHILIPPINES: Communities affected by Typhoon Haiyan are gradually rebuilding their lives. Eight months after the massive typhoon struck the Philippines, SOS Children is providing new family homes and supporting livelihoods in the worst hit areas. Read more...
  • Special feature: What's it like to grow up in a war zone? Children from Syria and South Sudan share their stories about the horrors of war.

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