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How do these questions make you feel?

If you're eager to get to the heart of SOS Children's work, and curious about what we do and why, then have a look at this short presentation. The questions posed, and the emotions they evoke, will reveal our motivations for helping children around the world.

Reflect on the questions and images below, and learn about SOS Children. We hope that by the end of the presentation our work will feel more personal to you. To start the presentation, click on the play button in the bottom left-hand corner. If you would like to move the slides at you own pace, use the arrows. 

If you would like to see this presentation in a larger size, click here.

Learn more...

  • SOS Children has a sense of responsibility for the children with no-one else, and help them in 125 countries.
  • We provide orphaned and abandoned children with security and roots in SOS family homes.
  • Children belong to a supportive community at an SOS Children's Village.
  • A childhood full of joy is possible as children grow up in a playful, child-centred environment.
  • Love is provided by their SOS mother and friendship from their SOS brothers and sisters.
  • Children are empowered through education, and young people are supported to independence.
  • We always respect local cultures, and children are free to follow their personal beliefs.

If you have been inspired to become one of SOS Children's friends, sponsor a child today. Your support will help children at risk to grow up in a loving family home, belong to a community and enjoy a happy childhood.